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Tekken Fans Are Split On Paul's New Hair




Fighting Games are known to have some of the most iconic video Game characters. Of course, it's hard to forget when a four-handed half-man-half-dragon pulls your limbs apart, or when an army colonel Sonic Booms you into a fighter jet. Apart from their moves, combatants are also easily recognised by their iconic looks – the aforementioned Goro has four arms, Bison has his red Military dictator uniform, and Tekken's Paul Phoenix has that majestic column of blonde hair; well, until Tekken 8.

After eight installments, Bandai Namco has decided that Paul can finally – and quite literally – let his hair down. The result? Tekken 8's version of Paul will feature wavy blond hair along with a beard, of course and a charming smile to go with it. Naturally, if you're going to change a character's most recognisable trait, there are going to be some people who don't agree with you. So, when the Gameplay trailer for the veteran combatant dropped, the Tekken Subreddit was busy discussing his looks rather than his moves.


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Overall, the sentiment was split in either direction; some fans appreciated the new look, as it suited Paul's age much better than his standing hair would have. It also suits the overall look of the Game's realistic visual approach. However, others weren't too happy that Bandai Namco changed Paul's iconic hairdo. Regardless of your preference though, you'll hopefully be able to get back his iconic hair via the Game's customization feature.

"I don't get why people are so upset at the hair. I think it looks fine, it's just a hairstyle, plus the character models and animations look way better," said LevynX, evidently happy with the new look. "Paul actually has emotions instead of resting grumpy face now."

On the contrary, Educational_Eye_1283 wasn't too happy with the changes, saying, "you can’t tell me they didn’t fuck his shit up. Let’s be real for a second man yall go to supercuts or floyd’s and they do this to you you’re just gonna say there’s nothing wrong with it?"

Some comments even demanded to speak to the manager, as they felt that Paul's new hair resembled the quintessential "Karen" hairstyle.

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