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Tears Of The Kingdom's Japanese Pre-Order Bonus Is A Spoon, For Some Reason




For whatever reason, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's pre-order bonus for Amazon Japan is a spoon with the series logo on the handle.

Over the years, we've seen tons of different pre-order gimmicks designed to drag helpless fans into paying for the Game early all in the name of branded tat. From Red Bull and a glow-in-the-dark condom for Infamous: Second Son to a surprisingly functional runner's bag for Mirror's Edge, Games have been pulling this stunt for ages. We've never seen a branded spoon, though.

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That's exactly what Nintendo is aiming for with Tears of the Kingdom, however. As pointed out by Wario64 on Twitter, Amazon Japan is currently offering those who pre-order the Game a choice between a Zelda-branded spoon or fork with their copy of the Game. Why a spoon or fork, you ask? We have absolutely no clue.


Strangely, it's not even the Tears of the Kingdom logo that's etched onto the spoon or fork - it's just a regular The Legend of Zelda logo. This makes things even weirder, but it could just be Amazon Japan offering whatever Zelda items they have on offer as a little pre-order incentive. Or it could imply that Link's going to have to master the way of the spork in order to defeat Ganondorf this time around. Yeah, it's probably the first one.

Elsewhere in the world, pre-order for Tears of the Kingdom net you some more... regular bonuses. While Amazon seemingly isn't offering anything as a bonus for either the UK or US side, GAME in the UK has a shiny metal coin up for grabs if you pre-order there, while GameStop in the US has a wooden plaque with Tears of the Kingdom's logo carved into it. What is it with this Game and carving its logo into random objects?

Anyway, if you're stuck on what to go for, we'll be brave and recommend Tears of the Kingdom's spoon edition. You never know when you'll need a Zelda-themed spoon.

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