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Team Fortress 2 Is So Dry, Fans Are Obsessing Over Sand




It's no secret that Team Fortress 2 has been content-dry for years. That's why fans got so excited when Valve promised a "full-on update-sized update" last month, and why they were all so disappointed when that update seemed to scale back on its promises just a week later. Now, the TF2 community has generated an amusing coping mechanism to deal with the let-down, and it's got everything to do with sand.

It all seemed to start with this now-removed post asking who else in the TF2 subreddit "likes to eat wet sand?" The language here seems to poke fun at the fact TF2 is so content-dry that its like a desert. It is still receiving updates, but they're typically just user-generated content and not the more impressive updates that Valve used to put out. Continuing the desert metaphor, those updates are like wet sand.


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And as they do so often in the TF2 subreddit, things went off the rails from there. We now have players combining older memes with the current sand aesthetic. One player even generated a tier list ranking each TF2 map by how good they expect the sand to taste. Banana Bay, Egypt, Watergate, and Badwater all ranked "comically large spoon," while Dustbowl rated a mere "mouthful of sand."

Without new content coming in, the TF2 community stays entertained by creating its own drama. The current snafu revolves around the Big Slappy mod, which has been banned and uNBAnned a grand total of 15 times from the Steam Workshop. Nobody knows why the mod keeps getting banned in the first place, but it only takes an email from the mod creator to get it uNBAnned.

Although hilarious enough to warrant its own website tracking Big Slappy’s status, the drama does seem to point to a flaw in Valve’s reporting system for the Steam Worksop. We’re not sure when Big Slappy will return or if Valve will use its example to further improve the Steam Workshop.

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