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Sabrina Carpenter’s Best Hair & Makeup Looks to Date




Hollywood’s new It Girl Sabrina Carpenter has released two summer anthems this season, Espresso and Please Please Please. Aside from the tunes that are constantly playing in our heads, Carpenter has also left us smitten with her new makeup look. Every girl wants to steal her signature glow, from her rosy blush and pouty lips to her voluminous, shiny blonde hair. And, since Carolina Gonzalez, who is Carpenter’s makeup artist, revealed the products that she used to achieve the Bratz doll look, TikTok has gone mad with fans attempting recreations at every turn. If you think the new It Girl is content to stick to the same hair and makeup routine every day, however, think again. To celebrate the style and substance that go into being top of the Game, we take a look at the best hair and makeup looks of Sabrina Carpenter to date.

Having started out as a Disney kid, Sabrina had to completely revamp her style and fashion to become the pop icon that she is today. Even though many seem to believe she is new to the music industry, her debut album Eyes Wide Open was in fact released in 2015. Nine years down the road, Carpenter is now preparing to release her sixth studio album Short n’ Sweet, which will be made available come August 23, 2024. She’ll also go on tour following the release of her record. Furthermore, she performed at Coachella and opened for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Asia and Latin America. And, with all of her music gigs, Met Gala, birthday celebrations, and preparations for her next tour, it’s understandable that the real-life Polly Pocket Sabrina Carpenter is serving up stunning hair and makeup looks around the clock. So, let’s take a look at the best of them.

The best hair and makeup looks of Sabrina Carpenter we’ve seen

Espresso look

Sabrina Carpenter best hair and makeup looks
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

This would not be a series about Sabrina Carpenter’s best hair and makeup styles if we did not mention one of her best signature looks. Carpenter released her first single Espresso from her upcoming album Short n’ Sweet earlier this summer. And since then, singing “I’m working late, cause I’m a singer” at the most inconvenient times has become our new obsession, and even Adele is not immune to the phenomenon. As a result, it has become a popular trend to try and recreate her hair and makeup look from the music video. Her makeup consists of a glowy base, rosy blush, and a lined pouty soft lip. Make-up artist Carolina Gonzalez explained that she uses two different blush shades to achieve a rosy, yet flushed appearance.

Carpenter has naturally blonde hair; however, according to Popsugar, she adds a few golden highlights to define her facial features. Her hair is open here, with a few delicate curls, and the bangs fall nicely on her face.

Skims campaign

Skims campaign
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

Sabrina may have successfully denied any bad blood between her and Taylor Swift over her Skims campaign, but she can’t possibly deny the allegations that she is a real-life Barbie doll. Aside from her bright and lacy clothing, her dewy makeup and bouncy hair give her an incredible doll-like appearance. While she opted to leave her hair mostly undone for the collaboration photo shoot, she supplemented this pink lacy knicker set with a charming pink ribbon. She also wore a glowy foundation, mulberry pink blush, and glossy lips, complementing the look with a tiny winged liner and simple eye makeup look that matched her blush.

Met Gala 2024

Sabrina Carpenter best hair and makeup looks
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

Carpenter opted for an Oscar de la Renta outfit representing the Bleeding Flower at the Met Gala 2024, which aligns with the Garden of Time theme. Her hairstylist Scott King put her hair in a half-low ponytail. And for makeup, she drew focus to her eyes with highlighted eyeshadow, a jet-black winged liner, and mascara. Over her glam base, she wore a peachy blush, pairing it with nude coral lips and finishing off her look with a bejewelled manicure that matched her jewellery for the night.

Sabrina Carpenter Sweet Tooth Perfume lookbook

Sabrina Carpenter best hair and makeup looks
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

In 2022, Carpenter launched her fragrance Sweet Tooth with Scent Beauty. For the promotional photoshoots, she opted for a retro atmosphere, channelling her inner Lana Del Rey with her hair and makeup. She kept her hair straight with a slight wave at its ends with her bangs tucked neatly away. Her makeup was also really simple, but beautiful, featuring a glowing base with highlighters that enhanced her cheekbones. The diva wrapped up her look with black winged liner and coral lipgloss.

New Year 2023 look

Carpenter new year look
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

Sabrina spent New Year’s Day 2023 partying with her close friends. She later posted the pictures on Instagram, showcasing her outfit of the evening: a beige gown with a striking gold waistband. For makeup, the singer wore a full glam look, complete with a rosy blush, highlighter, and a cherry red lip. Her hair was done in messy curls, with the long tendrils pushed back to create the illusion of a short bob cut. One of the most refreshing ‘dos we have ever seen from her, this is undoubtedly one of Sabrina Carpenter‘s best hair and makeup looks.

Who Wear What shoot

Sabrina Carpenter best hair and makeup looks
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

The pop princess stepped into a bold photoshoot for Who Wear What magazine with photographer Dennis Leupold. For the shoot, she wore minimal makeup and kept her hair in a damp-look style, adding a seductive mood to the session. However, she also ended up changing lipstick shades during the mood, the colours of which ranged from dark brown to nude peach.

Met Gala 2022 After Party

Met gala after party
(Image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)

Carpenter didn’t just look stunning on the Met Gala red carPet; she was equally resplendent at the after-party, dressed in a bright silver Rabanne co-ord set paired with a blue jean jacket. Her hair was done up in a messy bun, and she wore monochromatic soft glam makeup with exquisite highlighter, allowing light to reflect upon her face for an extra sparkle.

Which of the hair and makeup looks of Sabrina Carpenter do you like the best? 

How to recreate the signature hair and makeup look of Sabrina

A sneak peek into the makeup routine of Sabrina Carpenter

Celebrity makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez, who often does Carpenter’s makeup, shared a sneak peek of the singer on her Instagram, revealing what products she uses to achieve her doll-like appearance.

The first step towards achieving the glam look is undoubtedly a skincare routine that protects and prepares the skin. For this job, Carpenter and Carolina both put their trust in tried-and-true Cetaphil products. Carpenter begins by cleaning her face with the Gentle Skin Cleanser, then applies Healthy Renew Eye Gel Serum around her eyes and Healthy Renew Face Serum to the rest of her face. After that, she seals in the serum’s benefits with Daily Oil-Free Hydrating Lotion and applies Moisturising Lotion to her body. Before jumping into the full makeup routine, the singer also uses the award-winning Solawave 4 in 1 Red Light Therapy Skincare Wand and Activating Serum.

All her makeup products are from Armani Beauty. She uses —

  • Luminous Silk Concealer 3, 3.75
  • Luminous Silk Foundation in 3,3.5
  • Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Cheek Tint 50.5
  • Neo Nude Melting Color Balm
  • Luminous Glow Setting Powder in 2, 4
  • Prisma Glass Lip Gloss in clear
  • Lip power 103
  • Eyes To Kill Mascara Wet
  • Eye Tint 31, 99m
  • Smooth Silk Eye Pencil 8

Last but not least, Carpenter also uses the Velour Beauty Classic X-tensions for a dramatic look, applying them with black Lash Adhesive and with the help of a Lash applicator. She then curls them with the Velour Beauty Lash Curler.

A sneak peek into the hair styling routine of Sabrina Carpenter

Scott King who is the hairstylist of Sabrina Carpenter revealed how he creates her on-stage bouncy princess hair look with Hairstory products. Before blow-drying her hair, King applies the Dressed Up heat protectant spray and the Undressed texturising spray. He also uses the brand’s Hair Balm and Powder dry shampoo to maintain Carpenter’s full and voluminous look throughout her shows.

However, Carpenter is also evangelical about protecting her hair to maintain its shine and volume. To this end, she washes her hair with New Wash Rich shampoo and Purple Colour Boost from Hairstory and also applies a few drops of hair oil from the same brand to the dry strands to keep them soft and Healthy.

(Main and featured image: sabrinacarpenter/Instagram)