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PS5 Update Adds Hours Played To Your Dashboard, But It's Still Wrong




The PS5 received an update this week. Leading the way in terms of what it adds is Discord voice chat capability. However, it has also altered the console's dashboard. Included in the tweaked UI is how many hours you've spent playing each Game. However, PlayStation still hasn't fixed whatever is causing those in-Game clocks not to work properly.

If you hadn't noticed the new feature, you can check out what it looks like below, and where you look for your own playtime, courtesy of ThisIsXel who has spent an impressive amount of time playing Street Fighter 5. However, as pointed out by TrueTrophies, there's a very real chance that clock isn't accurate.

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It's a problem that has existed since the PS5 launched which makes it even more surprising that it hasn't been fixed yet, more than two years later. TrueTrophies provides evidence that PlayStation's clock is incorrect via some Cyberpunk 2077 stats. While the Game's clock has registered 92 hours of Gameplay, the time displayed on the PS5's updated dashboard reads just 75 hours. That's 17 hours unaccounted for, so a little more than a discrepancy at that point.

I've actually noticed this myself throughout my time with a PS5, only realizing now that it's an issue others have been suffering from too. I played God of War in preparation for Ragnarok this time last year. According to my PS5, I played through its story, and the occasional side quest, in just 13 hours. Despite the lack of a timer in the first Game, I know for a fact I spent far closer to 20 hours, and probably a little more, in the nine realms.

A combination of people not realizing it's a widespread problem and others simply not caring might be why the issue hasn't been fixed. Hopefully it's something PlayStation figures out over the course of 2023 so our Wrap-Ups are as accurate as possible at the end of the year. Although on second thought, an inaccurate total pointing to how much time I spent playing Fortnite in a calendar year might be a good thing.

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