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PS5 Slim Spotted On Australian Retail Website




Between rumors that the PS5 will be getting a new model this year and the gap between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro being three years, it seems likely an upgraded version of PlayStation's new-gen console will be here soon. Further evidence that a new PS5 model's arrival is imminent has surfaced on an Australian retail site today as a page for what sounds like a slim version of the console has accidentally gone live.

Well, half live. Noticed by Angie and posted on ResetEra, electronics retail site The Good Guys appears to have a page ready to go for an unannounced version of the PS5. The description reads “the new look, slimmer PlayStation 5” but doesn't include any photos, features, or how much the alternative version of the console is going to cost.

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This is worth taking with a grain of salt, of course, as an almost-empty page on a retail site certainly isn't confirmation that PlayStation has a slimmer PS5 in the works. It's odd that such a description exists on an online store if that isn't the plan, though. It's also strange that the listing is still live at the time of typing this, quite a few hours after it was first spotted and shared on ResetEra.

ps5 slim description on retail site
via The Good Guys

Rumors that a new PS5 model is coming soon have been swirling for months with a number of suggestions regarding how it will differ from the regular model. Rather than a more powerful Pro model, the leading theory is that the newer PS5 will be smaller because it doesn't include a disc drive. Yes, the digital-only PS5 has existed since launch, but the belief is the new model will have a detachable disc drive that can be bought separately, although you probably won't be able to use it with your regular digital PS5.

On top of all the above and a leaked listing hinting at an updated PS5, Sony's platform experience EVP Hideaki Nishino suggested in December that 2023 will be a big year for the PS5. His response to being asked whether the three-year gap between the PS4 and its Pro is worth noting when it comes to the PS5.

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