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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC's List Of Returning Pokemon Has Leaked




It was pretty much expected that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet would be getting DLC, and The Pokemon Company finally announced the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion which will introduce at least 230 pre-existing Pokemon to Gen 9. Only a handful of these Pokemon were officially revealed, although it seems like the entire list may have leaked due to Game Freak deleting Pokedex entries from Scarlet & Violet.

First discovered by Matt on Twitter, they also share that this something that Game Freak did with Pokemon Sword & Shield when its DLC was announced. They explain that every Pokemon whose entry was deleted from the Sword & Shield Pokedex was later added to the Game via the DLC, meaning we now have a general idea as to which Pokemon the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC will introduce to Scarlet & Violet.


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You can find a handy list that Matt has compiled down below, but we'll go over some of the more notable inclusion/exclusions. If the list is accurate, Hidden Treasures of Area Zero will bring back a fair few Pokemon that the series has neglected for a few generations now. For example, Swanna hasn't been included in a mainline Pokemon Game since its debut in Pokemon Black & White, but is included in this leaked list. It's the same story for the Zebstrika line, although this Pokemon was one of the few to be officially confirmed as returning.

The Victreebel line also looks like its going to making a comeback after having not been included in a mainline Game since Pokemon X & Y, as will Volbeat and Illumise despite absolutely nobody asking for them. Poochyena and Mightyena are another set of relatively neglected Pokemon that will be included, as will every set of starters from every region besides Unova. Sorry, Emboar fans.

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