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Life By You Is Basically The Sims, Made By Former Sims Dev




The Sims isn't going to be the only Game in town for very much longer. We know that Paralives is on the way from creator Alex Massé, and now Paradox has just announced a new life simulation Game from the guy who used to be in charge of The Sims at EA.

Rod Humble is in charge of Paradox Tectonic, a studio Parardox announced back in 2019 located in sunny Berkeley California. Humble comes from both EA and Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life, where he worked as CEO from 2011 to 2014. This guy knows his life simulation Games for sure.

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As for the new Game, which is called Life by You, we got a brief teaser today during Paradox's 30-minute presentation that also announced Cities: Skylines 2. Life by You sure does look a lot like the Sims, with a customizable two-story detached home, two simulated parents smooching in the living room, a bachelorette digging into the back of her microwave (we've all been there), and at least one woman examining a houseplant for an uncomfortably long period.

A few things we should note. The teaser opens with a view of a park where someone is doing yoga, you can definitely have questionable art on the walls, and you might be able to go on a beach trip. No promises yet, but we won't have to wait long to find out more. Life by You will have a larger presentation hosted by Humble himself on March 20.

In the meantime, The Sims 4 gets its Growing Together DLC on March 16. The expansion will add the new infant stage for a sim's life cycle, as well as vastly expanded family dynamics that let you choose whether your Sims have "difficult," "close," "distant," or "jokester" relationships. And because babies are becoming a thing, you'll soon be able to give your new-mom Sim cesarean scars, stretch marks, and birthmarks.

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