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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Will Offer Weekly Cosmetics Without A Battle Pass




Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 may well be underway by the time you read this. The Game's dedicated community of leakers and datraminers have already started to share what's new in season two, including what looks like the chance to unlock cosmetic items without the need to buy season two's battle pass.

Hypex appears to have been the first one to share the good news, tweeting that season two will include something Epic has dubbed weekly cosmetic quests. Hard to pull any other meaning from that name than quests that will reward players with new cosmetic items upon completion. Best of all, unlike the majority of Fortnite quests attached to cosmetic items in the past, these new ones seem to be available to everyone.


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Fortnite is a free-to-play Game, but there's an almost endless number of opportunities to spend money if you want to. Other than buying cosmetic items from the in-Game store, many players tend to buy the battle pass each season and unlock whatever it has to offer by progressing through it. There is always a free track too, but it naturally offers players a lot less for doing the same amount of work as battle pass owners.

There will be plenty of casual Fortnite players out there for who buying the battle pass isn't worth the money, at least not every single season. The addition of more quests that can be completed without spending any money at all being added on a weekly basis will be a very welcome new feature. No, those quests probably won't be unlocking something on the same level as The Mandalorian or Geralt skins, but maybe a new glider or a pickaxe here and there.

There was confusion earlier this week over when exactly season two would begin. Epic clarified that downtime for the new season would begin in the early hours of Friday morning, and the new season would officially start around five hours later. The Fortnite studio confirmed a few hours prior to that downtime that it will be crossing over with Attack on Titan this season, continuing its popular run of anime collaborations.

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