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Elden Ring Players Discuss Potential New Endings For Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC




Elden Ring has six potential endings: four where you wind up as Elden Lord, and two where you abdicate the throne or just burn the world down. But with so much strife and so many powerful figures in the Lands Between, any one of them could have emerged victorious to usher in a new age.

Over on the Elden Ring subreddit, Tarnished are discussing what potential new endings they'd love to see. User EgoisticGolf707 started the discussion with the "Age of the Dragonborns," which we'll assume to be a return of Elden Ring's dragons to a seat of power rather than a surprise Skyrim crossover.

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The top comment's suggestion for a new ending is one that very well might be the focus of the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Although "Miquella's age of consent" is clearly a joke title, it's a clear reference to Miquella being held captive by Mohg, but rather than remaining in his blood-filled cocoon, Miquella would emerge to provide the Tarnished with renewed purpose.

And this could very well happen. The only information we have for Shadow of the Erdtree is a single teaser image showing a figure riding astride Torrent--a figure that looks a lot like Miquella.

Second place in the thread is "Age of Blood," and although it's not described by the original poster, it likely refers to a scenario where Mohg's Bloody Fingers eliminate the Tarnished and ushers in the outer god of Blood in place of the Greater Will. What this would look like it's anybody's guess, but it probably wouldn't be pretty.

Another possibility, one which an Elden Ring fan believes could be added in Shadow of the Erdtree, is the "Age of the Crucible." For those unaware, the Crucible was the age before the Erdtree that gave rise to the Crucible Knights, the Misbegotten, and the demonic Omen. Each was shunned by the Golden Order, so a return to the Crucible would be cathartic after an age of persecution.

Or, Shadow of the Erdtree could add an "Age of the Serpent Family," which would feature the Elden Beast getting eaten by Rykard as the God-Devouring Serpent. It’d be a pretty short ending, but at least we’d still have "family."

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