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Corridor Crew Make The Last Of Us HBO Into A Game With AI, Everybody Hates It




Corridor Crew, known for series like VFX Artists React and videos like John Wick with Nerf guns, is still facing backlash over its last AI video in which it essentially created automated rotoscoping using copyrighted anime and artwork. This video was criticised for using AI to steal and manipulate existing art, rather than hiring real artists. Now Corridor is back again with another AI video, this time converting The Last of Us HBO back into a Game.

"The Last of Us is an amazing TV show, but really wish I could play it as a video Game," the video opens. "We used cutting-edge AI Technology to figure out what that would actually look like".

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The visuals are uncannily smoothed out, with lines that never stay in place. It also appears to base its transformations on the actual TLoU video Game, making Joel and Ellie look closer to their original counterparts. Yet another example of AI ripping from existing work. However, in other scenes, they look nothing like the Game or show versions, and Melanie Lynskey's character is even de-aged.

One look at the comments and retweets and you'll see that this video isn't going down well. Many are again upset at the use of AI given that these videos are normalising the automation of art to an audience of millions while ignoring artists' call on Corridor to address the previous video and worries about AI art. The problem is that AI art not only takes jobs from artists, but actively steals from them as well - AI art cannot make anything on its own, it has to base its work on existing visuals.

"Stop with the god damn ai already please," @JunePetrichor wrote. "Wow you made it look like dogshit great job guys so cool," @riIeydbv said. "I know this is just a joke video, but instead of addressing the concern we animators have about AI, they turn it into a joke. Reaaaal funny guys," @HeijnenCeline added.

Many liken it to a Snapchat filter, while several labelled the satire "pathetic" or "so bad it feels like it was also AI generated." Others pointed out that this could have been a fun opportunity for Corridor to play around with SFM or another toolkit to actually animate something themselves, rather than digging deeper into the AI hole.

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