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Charlie Day Wants A Luigi's Mansion Movie Next




The arrival of The Super Mario Bros. Movie in cinemas is now just a week away. Even though none of us have actually seen it yet, based on trailers and the relatively little we know about it so far, it feels like the blockbuster is going to be a big success. So much so that Charlie Day already making it known that he wants to star in a Luigi's Mansion spin-off definitely feels like the right thing to do.'s Brandon Davis caught up with Day, the voice of Luigi in the Mario movie, during a press junket for the film and the actor was as clear as he could be regarding his want for Luigi's Mansion: The Movie. “Yes I do. Big time. You're not the first [to ask] but let's get that out in the zeitgeist. Let's make this happen, okay? I am in,” Day replied.

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The Always Sunny star is right, this isn't the first time he has been asked about a Luigi's Mansion movie. In fact, the actor was asked the exact same question by someone else from ComicBook more than a year ago. Back when we hadn't known about the cast of the Mario movie for all that long, nor had we heard any of their voices.

Luigi and Polterpup in the basement of the Last Resort

Day revealed at that time that he had been watching his son play Luigi's Mansion on Nintendo Switch, so clearly he already knows the world in which the spin-off Games are based and has at least a loose grasp on the story. There was a belief among some fans that Luigi was running to a mansion in the very first trailer for the Mario movie, but it has since become clear that's not the case.

Unlike Chris Pratt's Mario, fans appear to be pretty happy with Day's Luigi voice. Even though the actor doesn't sound much like the green Mario brother, as soon as the world heard it for the first time, we all sort of collectively agreed it just made sense. The same applies to Seth Rogen's Donkey Kong which is handy as the actor said this week DK's movie voice is just his own.

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