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Capcom Is Fixing Resident Evil 4's Weird Rain Effects




Last month, we got treated to twelve minutes of Resident Evil 4 remake Gameplay showcasing what players can expect from the revamped Game. Besides new Ashley mechanics, level layouts, cinematics, and of course, the massively overhauled graphics, we also were treated to some truly bizarre-looking weather effects that seemed out of place for a modern Game.

Specifically, the rain didn’t truly look like rain. The drops were huge, slow-moving, and oddly bright compared to the drab and dark scenery, almost like they were painted white on purpose. Players loved the new Gameplay, but the rain was being unfavorably compared to GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition, which remains an absolute garbage fire to this very day.


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The rain was weirdly inconsistent, too, looking okay in some screenshots and trailers but wildly out of place in others. People focused on this one issue so much that they even started calling it "raingate," as though there was some massive conspiracy at Capcom to ruin the very concept of rain.

Over a month later, we can finally put raingate to bed. In an interview with Push Start, Capcom producer Hirabayashi Yoshiaki said there's a day-one patch in the works that will fix Resident Evil 4's wonky rain.

"We’ve seen everyone’s reaction to the rain effects," he said, "and we are working on a day-one patch to make adjustments"

Rain isn't the only controversial new addition to Resident Evil 4. Some fans are upset that the remade Ashley model doesn't have a short skirt, and the new escorting mechanics mean you won't be able to execute a pervy easter egg that lets you stare directly at Ashley's panties. Why anyone would be upset about this being removed for the 2023 remake is absolutely beyond me, but they're probably the same people upset about Blue Protocol having plunging necklines and tight miniskirts in Japan but nowhere else.

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