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Atomic Heart Mod Unmasks The Twins




There are a lot of strange and bizarre robots in Atomic Heart, but easily the most off-putting would be The Twins. Both modeled after ballerinas, Left and Right both somehow move with the grace of a dancer and the stilted jerks of a robot. On top of that, while their bodies have the silhouette of an attractive woman, their faces are nothing but cold, flat steel. We’re not even going to get into the claws, lasers, razor heels, and stretchy, gooey insides.

You’d think that there’s nothing beneath those featureless faceplates, but you’d be wrong. Modder DmgVol has revealed that there’s indeed something underneath all that chrome, but you probably aren’t going to like it.

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A silly mod that removes the masks from the Twins," writes DmgVol in the mod description. Their actual faces, however, are just as vacant as the bare gray metal.

Unmasked Twins Atomic Heart Mod 2
via Nexus Mods

You'd think that the Twins would have the face of Anita Pudikova, the ballerina who both voiced and provided the motion capture for the murderous robots, but you'd be wrong. Those faces appear to be from the default female models that come with Unreal Engine 4. As such, they have no animation and very basic textures to denote eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows, all of which appear to be painted on a mannequin rather than an actual human face.

Several posts on Nexus Mods express the view this mod is actually creepier than the default Twins model. I can't say I disagree, but if you think that's a good thing, you can download the Unmasked Twins over on Nexus Mods. Installation is as simple as extracting the zip file into your Atomic Hearts "Paks" folder.

Atomic Heart has had its fair share of criticisms, from racist caricatures to developer Mundfish being accused of crunch and harvesting data for the Russian government. Those accusations have led to the Ukrainian government calling on Steam, Microsoft, and Sony to ban Atomic Heart from their digital storefronts, a demand that has so far been ignored.

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