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Atlus Announces Persona 5: The Phantom X Mobile Spin-Off




Persona 5 is getting its first mobile spin-off, The Phantom X, a gacha Game which will be available on March 29 to those who complete the "Sneak Test" questionnaire.

As reported by Persona Central, this is an officially licensed Sega Game with help from Atlus, developed by Perfect World Games' Black Wings Game Studio. It's launching in China for Android, though there are plans to bring it to both PC and iOS in the future.

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The Phantom X, or P5X as its abbreviated to, will focus on the theme of 'desire' as a group of teenagers learn how to harness the ability of Peronas to fight side-by-side as a strange world separate from their own unearths itself - standard Persona stuff. There's also an underwater man and an owl that can speak.

The protagonist is code-named Wonder, a boy studying at the Kiba Academy who lives by themselves in Tokyo since his parents are Travelling abroad. His first persona is Jánošík, a regal knight dressed in all-white armour with a flowing red cape and gold trims. Then there's Luffy, that aforementioned speaking owl, who can also... transform into a delivery van. Sounds a lot like Morgana, eh?

Next up we have Arai Suwa, another student. Her focus is on Sports, with an average academic performance, and she's said to be fairly popular at school - she's codenamed Closer, and her first Persona is called Awilda. Aside from our friends and talking owls, there are the Velvet Room assistants, of which Merope will be joining.

P5X plays a lot like other Persona games. During the day, you'll spend your time at class studying, then you can play baseball, fish, or go to the movies. When night crawls, you can meet different people and befriend them to unlock new abilities and uncover their stories. But at night, the world distorts based on everyone's desires - your mission is to correct this and put an end to the other world that's bleeding into our reality. If you've played a Persona game, you'll feel right at home.

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