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‘Zero Hour’ vault puzzle options for Week 2 in Future 2




Fixing vault puzzles within the reprised model of Future 2’s “Zero Hour” mission is required to finish the Vaulted Obstacles secret Triumph.

After you’ve earned Outbreak Perfected from Ada-1, you’ll want to seek out some hidden symbols within the mission itself and use them to unlock a door so you’ll be able to enter a secret code within the Cryptarch’s vault. In your bother, you’ll get the groovy-looking Vimana Junker Unique ship, which is themed after the Outbreak Perfected Unique pulse rifle.

On this Future 2 information, we’ll present you the way to discover every hidden code and what sequence to enter contained in the “Zero Hour” mission. When you’re after extra perks when crafting Outbreak Perfected, you’ll additionally want to seek out particular switches within the “Outbreak Refined” weekly quest.

Be aware: Solely two of the three puzzles can be found on the time of this writing. The ultimate puzzle will change into accessible on Could 28, and we’ll replace this information to mirror the terminal places.

How do the vault puzzles work?

With a view to remedy the vault puzzle, you’ll must enter a particular code sequence when you attain the Cryptarch Vault towards the top of the mission. Nevertheless, a few of the rooms you’ll must entry with the intention to enter the sequences are blocked off, and also you’ll must unlock them.

With a view to unlock the blocked rooms, you’ll must have already discovered totally different consoles earlier within the “Zero Hour” mission and remedy their puzzle.

When you efficiently open a door in your run after which enter the right vault puzzle sequence, you’ll be capable of earn a Vinma Junker Schematic and enhance the Intrinsic perk for Outbreak Perfected, The Corruption Spreads.

This puzzle could be a little arduous to explain in spots — no less than till you’ve gotten a baseline understanding of what you’re doing. So, if you wish to see what this all seems like in apply earlier than persevering with on, take a look at Skarrow9’s video above.

You are able to do this puzzle on legend or regular issue, though you’ll have far more time on regular, in order that’s what I like to recommend.

Console icon set 1

To unlock the primary door for the primary vault puzzle in “Zero Hour,” make your strategy to the primary Tower courtyard. When you’re unfamiliar with the unique Future, principally you simply must progress the mission till you combat the Brig within the open space — the second fight area within the mission, after you emerge from the vent and run by the hallway. Kill all the things within the encounter.

An image showing Guardians where to find the first terminal in Zero Hour

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

Earlier than you progress on, soar up on the oddly formed constructing in the course of the Courtyard — what was the postmaster and the Eververse retailer. Look again towards the place you got here from, and also you’ll see {a partially} destroyed balcony over the stairway you simply crawled by. Soar up there and search for the primary column. On the aspect going through away from the balcony and the Traveler, you’ll see a terminal. Equip your Outbreak Perfected and activate the terminal.

When you activate it, you’ll see a gaggle of Siva symbols seem on the display screen. You’ll additionally discover a timer seem in your UI, which says “Non permanent Clearance Granted.” Look out into the fight area and also you’ll see an emblem has appeared on the highest left tower. There are two different new symbols on this space, though you’ll be able to’t see it from right here.

A Guardian looks out at three symbols in the Zero Hour mission

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

Run round and take a look at the three symbols within the space:

  1. Prime-left tower
  2. On the other aspect of the oddly formed constructing you climbed on, going through the console
  3. Close to the exit of the sector, flip round and face the oddly formed constructing and also you’ll discover the image connected to the surface balcony wall

The terminal you activated tells you which of them image it’s good to shoot with Outbreak Perfected first. Observe the instructions and shoot the image it’s exhibiting you. When you’ve executed that, the image on the terminal will shift, telling you the following one within the sequence.

The order it’s good to shoot the symbols in is random, so make certain to reference the console the primary two instances you hearth. There’s additionally a little cheat sheet over by image 3 that can let you know the following image within the sequence should you don’t need to run all the best way again. It seems just like the Siva image, and is only a small hologram sitting on some rubble.

When you’ve gotten the primary two proper, you simply want to seek out and shoot the third.

After you’ve destroyed all three symbols, you’ll get a notification that entry has been granted. Now, you’ll be able to both transfer on to the second image set for the following puzzle or head straight to the vault puzzle 1 part for the answer.

Console icon set 2

For the second set of symbols, full the primary fight part of “Zero Hour,” and make your strategy to the rooftop space the place the traditional and legend missions diverge. Soar down such as you’re about to take the traditional path below the airplane. However as a substitute, move the airplane and run to the again wall that has the white panels on it.

A Guardian looks down at a hidden vent terminal in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

On the left aspect of the wall, you’ll see an open vent gap. Stroll into it and also you’ll discover the terminal. Activate it to begin your timer.

A Guardian looks out at three symbol locations in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

Identical to within the first puzzle, look to the terminal to find out which image it’s good to hit. Yow will discover symbols in three totally different locations:

  1. Behind the airplane, by the steps
  2. On the second stage, behind the steps
  3. On the third stage, on the again aspect of the center column, close to the white pipes

Observe the terminal’s directions and enter the code so as utilizing the floating symbols. Greater than the primary puzzle, the Siva cheat sheet — which tells you which of them piece of the puzzle is subsequent — will prevent time right here. You’ll discover it sitting on the central pallet on the second stage. When you’re enjoying with mates, it’s a good suggestion to maintain one Guardian by the terminal to avoid wasting you from working forwards and backwards.

When you enter the code correctly, the sport will notify you that you just’ve gained entry to a different vault door (listed as “Vault puzzle 2” on this information). Proceed by the remainder of the mission till you attain the Cryptarch vault.

Vault puzzle 1

When you arrive within the vault — keep in mind, it’s good to have solved the “Console Icon 1” puzzle earlier on this information — head previous the pathway lure and into the world with all of the relics and the massive towers that appear like servers. Don’t drop down and proceed towards the boss area, as you received’t be capable of come again up.

A Guardian looks at a TV screen, which shows a puzzle solution in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

On the left aspect of the room, you’ll see a TV monitor that reveals a number of rooms with terminals in them, 4 “offline” rooms, and one “ERROR” room. You’ll additionally discover some shapes and arrows on the best aspect of the monitor.

The shapes symbolize the place of the terminals within the room, so the leftmost puzzle answer is for the sq. room, which is backside left. The diamond room is high left.

Every of the small terminals on the map symbolize a console you’ll be able to work together with. The arrows are exhibiting you the order you’ll must entry the terminals.

A Guardian looks at a puzzle solution in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

Above is the order it’s good to press the terminal buttons in to unravel the primary puzzle, which is within the sq. room. If the sq. room is blocked off, it means you didn’t full the primary image puzzle earlier within the mission to unlock the door.

Have a look at the TV display screen and orient your self so your again is to the tile puzzle. The pink numbers (1, 2, 4, and 5) are for terminals contained in the sq. room and the pink numbers (3, 6) denote terminals it’s good to press within the hallway. The answer is:

  1. Contained in the sq. room, top-right
  2. Contained in the sq. room, bottom-right
  3. Within the relic hallway, bottom-left
  4. Contained in the sq. room, bottom-left
  5. Contained in the sq. room, top-left
  6. Contained in the relic hallway, top-left

When you mess up the sequence, it’ll let you know that you just failed, and permit you to begin once more on the first terminal. You’ll know you have been profitable once you see the schematic and the Unique Intrinsic improve pop up in your display screen.

Vault puzzle 2

A Guardian looks at a computer terminal, which shows a puzzle solution in Destiny 2

Picture: Bungie by way of Polygon

After getting solved the “Console Icon 2” puzzle, talked about earlier on this information, you’ll be able to full one other vault puzzle.

This time, you’ll must observe the arrows to determine the order. However this time your focus is on the diamond room, which is the one within the higher left. Understand that this room will solely be open should you accomplished the second image puzzle earlier within the mission.

As soon as once more, stand by the TV monitor, put your again to the tile puzzle, and face into the vault. That is how it’s good to learn the map. Within the picture above, I’ve labeled the order it’s good to work together with the terminals. The pink numbers (1, 2, 3, 6) present the order of the terminals within the diamond room, whereas the pink numbers (4, 5) present the order for the terminals within the hallway. The answer is:

  1. Contained in the diamond room, proper
  2. Contained in the diamond room, backside
  3. Contained in the diamond room, left
  4. Within the relic hallway, bottom-right
  5. Within the relic hallway, middle-right
  6. Contained in the diamond room, high

After you work together with all six terminals in a row, you’ll get one other ship schematic and one other improve to The Corruption Spreads, the intrinsic Unique perk for Outbreak Perfected.