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tl.BREAKING NEWS: Chelsea complete move for Manchester City treble winner as ‘dream’ transfer outlined, deal has been confirmed by Fabrizio Romano.




After an arduous Premier League season, Footballers find themselves either representing their nations or unwinding on a well-deserved break during the off-season.

In the upcoming weeks, a cadre of Manchester City athletes will vie for glory on the international stage, while back home, preparations are in full swing for the hosting of Euro 2024 in Germany, set to kick off on July 15.

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Though the players may be scattered across the globe, Manchester City’s headquarters will be abuzz with activity as they gear up for the impending season. Deliberations on potential transfers, strategic evaluations of the team, and plotting long-term player trajectories will occupy the club’s agenda.

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, Enzo Maresca, a former Manchester City assistant manager, has made a swift transition to Chelsea, assuming the role of head coach. Maresca, who previously steered Leicester City back to the Premier League, inked a substantial five-year deal at Stamford Bridge, with an additional year’s option.

Renowned for his possession-oriented tactics reminiscent of Pep Guardiola’s style, Maresca’s appointment has raised eyebrows, given Chelsea’s reputation for managerial turnover. Observers speculate on whether his move might have been premature, questioning if more seasoning at Leicester would have been prudent.

Maresca’s iNFLuence has already begun to manifest, as evidenced by the loan acquisition of defender Callum Doyle from Manchester City during his tenure at Leicester. However, with his allegiance now pledged to Chelsea, the extent of City’s support remains uncertain.

Elsewhere, Deniz Undav, a forward for Brighton & Hove Albion, harbors ambitions of donning Manchester City’s colors before hanging up his boots. Despite a challenging debut season in the Premier League, Undav showcased his prowess on loan at Stuttgart, tallying an impressive 18 goals and 10 assists in the Bundesliga.

Undav’s aspirations transcend mere admiration for City; they signify a quest for excellence and validation at the highest echelons of Football. However, with each passing season, the window of opportunity narrows for the 27-year-old striker to secure his dream move, making the upcoming 2024–2025 campaign pivotal in his pursuit of Footballing glory.