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Tears Of The Kingdom Trailer Confirms Zonai Tech, Sends Zelda Fans Into Frenzy




We're getting closer to the launch of the much anticipated follow-up to one of gaming's most lauded titles and Nintendo has been showing off more of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with producer on the series Eiji Aonuma narrating a ten-minute Gameplay trailer shown today.

Development on the Switch title is now complete, the producer announced, and during the Gameplay run-through we were shown some of the new abilities Link will have in this new Zelda. These include the climbing through ceilings, fusing weapons, boat and vessel building, and recalling the movement of objects. But eagle-eyed Zelda fans spotted some item descriptions that have lit up forums. It's all about the Zonai.

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The Legend of Zelda comes packed with lore of course, and the Zonai are among the most Mysterious. Introduced in Breath of the Wild, the Zonai are an ancient, seemingly extinct tribe. Players will come across their presence all around Hyrule, in statues, pillars and ruins, but most notably in the region of Faron. Here, Link will find the Zonai Ruins, the remains of what could have once been a significant Zonai city.

Zonai ruins feature distinctive motifs such as dragons, owls, and boars, while artifacts of the tribe can be identified by a spiral pattern that doubles as the tribe's crest. But it's in the brand new Gameplay trailer for Tears of the Kingdom where we see written "Zonai Charge" as Link collects the items after defeating the constructs.

Fans have theorised that the Zonai would feature more heavily in Breath of the Wild's successor and from the new trailer it could be that Link is going to be using Zonai magic in Tears of the Kingdom, and that Link, when he is in the sky islands in the trailer, could be poking around Zonai ruins.

Online, speculation abounds about the Mysterious Zonai, with forums alive with discussion, and YouTubers detailing elaborate theories. And on Twitter right now, it's happening in real time:

Zelda fans will be discussing this in further depth and we'll be sure to be reporting any interesting developments right here.

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