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son.Superstar Messi and his wife and children went to the supermarket in the US without needing a personal bodyguard.




Superstar Lionel Messi, his wife Antonela and their three sons looked happy while shopping at Publix supermarket, Miami, on July 13.

The Sun said the Messi family went to the supermarket on the second day of arriving in Miami, Florida, USA, preparing for the launching ceremony of new club Inter Miami on July 16.

The Argentine superstar and his wife and children began to get used to their new life after parting ways with PSG. When in Europe, Messi and his wife rarely appear in public places because they easily attract a large number of fans. In a 2020 interview, Messi said he doesn’t feel bothered by being famous, but there are times when he wants to go out to watch movies, go to the supermarket or restaurant, or hang out with his children without being noticed by hundreds of eyes.

Messi and his wife and their children laughed and talked happily while pushing a shopping cart in the local supermarket. The image of the 2022 world champion going to the supermarket like many other families excited fans and caused a fever on social networks. ‘Today I learned that Messi also went grocery shopping by himself,’ a fan commented on Twitter

Some fans in the supermarket recognized Messi and asked to take pictures with them. The superstar born in 1987 also happily responded. The Argentine striker will officially launch his new club Inter Miami at an event on the evening of July 16. Messi is expected to play in the Leagues Cup match on July 21.

Messi left PSG this summer after two years of unsatisfactory performance. He signed a one-year contract with Inter Miami with a two-year extension. This is Messi’s first time playing Football at a club outside Europe. At the age of 36, Inter Miami could be the last team in Messi’s illustrious career.