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Shakira thought her career had come to an end




Shakira encountered a serious roadblock in 2017 when she suffered a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. This happens when a “blood vessel within the cords ruptures, causing it to collect within the cords,” and can be caused by using the voice in an “extreme way, such as with screaming, singing or talking,” per UCI Health.  “I always thought there were going to be things in my life that would go away, like beauty, youth, all of that stuff,” Shakira said about the terrible experience, according to The Guardian. “But I never thought that my voice would leave me, because it’s so inherent to my nature. It was my idenтιтy. So when I couldn’t sing, that was unbearable.”

“So you can imagine, there were times when I doubted I would ever be in front of a crowd again singing my songs.”

Wow, we can’t imagine what the Entertainment industry would look like without Shakira’s influence. The good thing is the singer was able to recover “naturally” without surgery.