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Shakira Says She Was Born with Belly Dancing Abilities




Pop star Shakira is famous for her otherworldly hip movements, but she swears her dancing skills are just something she was born with. The Columbian beauty said: “For me, it was, and is, more of a natural thing. It’s something that was practically given to me at birth, and for which I never had to train myself. These movements, they are inside me and I can call them back whenever I need them.”


Shakira realizes she is a Sєx symbol to men all over the world but insists she is “flattered” that guys find her attractive because she has never believed she is a beautiful woman. She added: “I must confess that I feel very flattered — because I never have felt particularly Sєxy. Anybody who shows me like this is promoting my feminine vanity.”

But Shakira, who appears virtually naked in the video for “She Wolf,” admits it’s not easy looking as good as she does, and she has to stick to a rigorous training regime to stay slim and Sєxy.

She added to German magazine Fit For Fun: “I trained really hard for the “She Wolf” video — almost a month. I wanted to look good and didn’t want to shame myself. There was no muscle in my body that did not hurt. I was in pain for days, simply because I’d gone too far.”

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