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Kendall Jenner isn’t spared from the barbs as she and sister Kourtney watch Justin Bieber get roasted




The day of Justin Bieber’s Roast had at last arrived.

And supporters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian appeared to be stifling a giggle as they watched the model’s good friend take the H๏τ seat.

Not even the Kardashian family was safe that night, with roastmaster jeff Ross joking: ‘Kendall Jenner if you and Justin Bieber get married, who is going to give you away? Only man in family is Khloe kardashian’, according to comedian Matt Donnelly who tweeted it.

Of course, jibes like that were all to be expected as Kendall was once linked to Bieber.

Kendall’s father Bruce Jenner even became the ʙuтт of jokes when Will Farrell appeared on stage as his Anchorman personality Ron Burgundy.

‘You Bruce Jenner Hollywood hermaphrodites, that’s all you are!’ the Anchorman character shouted at the audience where Kendall and Kourtney sat.

Kendall and Kourtney seemed to take it in stride, and were seen smiling that serene smile throughout the evening.

Fashion-savvy Kendall was at risk of stealing the show when she arrived in a modest grey sweater that slipped off her slender shoulders.

The model’s blemish-free face shone with a flawlessly applied coat of foundation, while ruby red lips added a pop of colour.

With her hands clasped together, it was clear the reality star-turned-model was on the edge of her seat.

Kendall is friends with Justin and was seen with him at New York Fashion Week earlier in February.

The pair were once at the centre of romance rumours.

The Baby singer is now rumoured to be dating model and Kendall’s friend Hailey Baldwin.