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Ideas Wanted in Regards to a New Rail Trail in Beacon




It is amazing how many trails we have in the Hudson Valley. It is even more amazing that so many of the trails used to be railways which we active and very vital to our area in their day.

Now many of the old railroad beds lay abandoned. Trains haven't Traveled on them in decades. These trails snake between communities passing Businesses and homes. They are a perfect surface for Travel if they can be repurposed.

Weigh in On New Rail Trail Idea for Beacon, New York

The City of Beacon has teamed up with the Dutchess County Transportation Council and they are looking to get people involved in converting an old part of the track system in Dutchess County, They are reaching out to people in the community with what is called a feasibility study.


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The goal is to see if opening up a part of the old rail bed that runs between Beacon and Hopewell Junction is a good idea. They have presented a map so people can see how the tracks cut through a lot of property some wooded other parts of people's yards.

How to Help with the Beacon Hopewell Rail Trail

They have set up a Beacon-Hopewell Rail Trail Study that they want everyone to see. They also have a flyer you can access through the City of Beacon's official website


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Take a look at the map and then go to Google Earth where you can get an idea of what it will take to get this done. It also will show you how cool it would be to be able to bike across that part of Dutchess County

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