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Paul Pierce Explains Why Lakers Are Hiring JJ Redick To Be Next Coach




The Los Angeles Lakers are in the final steps of hiring ESPN broadcaster J.J. Redick to be their next head coach.

Because Redick has zero head coaching experience, the move has caught many off guard.

This week, NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce appeared on a podcast and offered his honest take on why the Lakers were moving in this direction.

“I really don’t even think this is about a championship anymore,” Pierce said.

“I think it’s about putting on a good show. This sound like a script to me, it really do. If we’re talking about, think about this, they hire JJ Redick, draft or sign Bronny, does this sound like we trying to move in the direction of a championship or put on a show?”

It is hard to argue with Pierce’s assertion here. Bronny is one of the least accomplished players to enter the NBA Draft in a long time. The fact that he is being talked about as a possible first round pick by the Lakers is nuts.

Ditto for the Redick hiring. How can someone with absolutely zero head coaching experience at the pro level be expected to guide such a complicated array of personalities amid very intense scrutiny?

The Lakers were expected to compete for a championship for as long as LeBron James remained with the organization. But it is increasingly looking like that window has closed and now they are just trying to make headlines instead.

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