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Lamz. In the aftermath of the first film’s chaos, WRATH OF MAN 2 unleashes a new storm. Patrick Hill, once the enigmatic protector of cash trucks, now leads a tranquil existence in retirement. Yet, tranquility shatters when his old comrades at Fortico Security fall prey to savage assaults. As the past resurfaces, Hill must confront shadows he thought buried, unveiling a vendetta that demands his return to the fray.




Several years have passed since the events of the first film. Patrick Hill, now retired from his role as a Mysterious cash truck security guard, has settled into a quiet life.

Look: Jason Statham appears in poster for Guy Ritchie's 'Wrath of Man' -


However, his past catches up with him when he receives news that his former colleagues from Fortico Security have been targeted in a series of brutal attacks.

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