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Best Places Where You Can Swim In The Hudson River




I am a bit of a beach snob. I like my beaches to have course sand and an ocean nearby. I have never been much of a lake swimmer and rivers aren't my thing either but plenty of people enjoy swimming in the Hudson River.

Swimming isn't unheard of in the Hudson as a matter of fact swimming in the Hudson River is common. Boaters enjoy jumping in to cool off, some swim in the Hudson as part of a comPetition and then there are even a few swim beaches on the shore of the Hudson River.

Hudson River Beaches Where You Can Swim

Up and down the Hudosn Rvier there are spots where you can enjoy the shoreline but there are only four places designated as beaches for swimming. Those 4 spots can be accessed by both land and the river.


According to the Waterfront Alliance, the four public beaches along the Hudson River are Croton Point Beach, Beacon River Pool, Kingston Point Beach, and Ulster Landing. When explaining whether you should swim in the Hudson River the alliance shared some more information.

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They explained that there are many other places to swim in the river but when and where because of the possibility of sewage overflow and algae blooms.

Guidelines for Swimming in the Hudson River

It is important to remember that the Hudson River is highly trafficked by large vessels. The Hudson also has a current that can be strong. The river is affected by tides. So is it a good idea to swim in the Hudson?

The Waterfront Alliance put together a few guidelines for swimming in the Hudson. They include things like not swallowing the water and rinsing off after you swim. It is also a good idea not to swim alone in places like the Hudson River. It is an active shipping river and it often has debris that you can get tangled in without realizing.

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