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All the Best Quotes and Moments From The Kardashians Season 5, Episode 1




In 2007, the Kardashians exploded onto reality television and have since become TV and pop culture royals with a firm grasp on the industry of influencing. Today, they’re globally renowned, having built a lucrative business empire spanning billions of dollars. From cosmetics to health and wellness, the Kardashians have certainly made their mark on the world. With The Kardashians returning for Season 5, we look at where things ended in Season 4 and check out the best quotes and moments from episode 1.

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, one thing is difficult to dispute: Since debuting to the world on television in 2007, the family has built up a significant amount of wealth, prestige, and social currency. And while the stars may have aligned, blessing the family with luck and good looks, it is also indisputable that the Kardashians have put in the work.

The Kardashians: Where we left off in Season 4, plus the Kim vs Kourtney feud

Life in a family with five sisters is no easy feat, and that certainly proved the case in the explosive finale of The Kardashians Season 4. With numerous subplots and a veritable lazy susan of characters with distinct personalities to keep up with, one thing remained clear: Like all families, the Kardashians are not immune to the maladies of familial drama. And while family matriarch and head honcho Kris makes a valiant attempt at keeping everybody in line, that much proves difficult considering just how vast the Kardashian empire has grown.

The outset of Season 4 was a rollercoaster of high emotions and confrontations, bringing the Dolce dispute of Season 3 to the forefront. To recap the pivotal lynchpin of the season’s drama: Kourtney disapproved of Kim using her wedding to Travis Barker as a promotional opportunity, robbing her of the vibe she had truly wished for her nuptials. The argument came to a head when Kim revealed to Kourtney that several group chats existed, in which the KarJenner women and Kourtney’s own friends came together to talk about her. “You hate us. You’re a different person and we all talk about it,” said Kim.

Stricken by the low blow, Kourtney’s response served to highlight the undercurrent of toxicity within the family, addressing the Kim-led tag team she felt personally victimised by. “I have a happy life and the happiness comes when I get the f–ck away from you guys. You’re just a f–cking witch and I f–cking hate you.”

While palpable resentment lingered between the sisters throughout the season, they would eventually kiss and make up in episode 3. And later, in episode 9, the sisters followed up with a heart-to-heart talk aimed at moving forward. Speaking up on her decision to engage in healing, Kourtney shared, “My purpose in having this second talk and even having the first talk and not just avoiding it, is that I do want to have a relationship with my sisters. I want it to be a relationship where we are cared about and where our feelings matter. And I just want a more meaningful relationship.”

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Beyond the sisterly feud, Season 4 also focused on Kim’s work ethic, with snipPets and snapshots illustrating her various roles across the family’s Businesses, her personal endeavours, and her place in the world as mother to her four children. Juggling proves to be a beast of epic proportions to conquer, with burnout nipping at Kim’s heels at every corner. Still, the intrepid entrepreneur showed no signs of slowing down, and even entered her ‘actor’ era with her debut performance in American Horror Story: Delicate.

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Elsewhere, we see Khloé setting boundaries with ex Tristan Thompson, whose extracurricular activities resulted in a secret child with fitness model Maralee Nichols. While the Thompson Apology Tour took place, with Tristan seeking to make amends with members of the family, Khloé and Kris embarked on a mission to rehabilitate Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick. Widely regarded as the dynamic duo and heart of the show, Khloé and Kris’ antics made an attempt at helping Disick past his Health issues in preparation for his return to the dating scene.

Other key moments in Season 4 included Kris’ appearance in Meghan Trainor’s music video for I Am Your Mother, young Penelope calling out Tristan for treating her aunt Khloé as badly as he did, Khloé calling out Kris for her lack of managerial skills (Kris has long served as Momager for her kids), and Kourtney’s tumultuous pregnancy reveal, for which her family was neither involved nor invited.

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If there’s one thing you can expect The Kardashians to provide, it’s a Healthy dose of drama. With Season 4 closing on the Kardashian empire’s many wins and advancements, Season 5 certainly looks to be an entertaining watch indeed. Viewers can expect an expansion of Kim’s actress era, alongside snipPets from the lives of Kourtney and Kris as they face off against their personal Health issues. Khloé continues to adjust to life after Tristan, and Kendall and Kylie are expected to continue marching to the beat of their own drums.

What a time to be alive.

The best quotes and moments from episode 1 of The Kardashians Season 5

Kourtney and Travis are doing well

Season 5 of The Kardashians kicks off with one of the best moments ever, highlighting the supportive relationship that Kourtney has cultivated with her husband, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Sitting in her sunlit bedroom with girlfriends Melissa Kolder and Jessica Wolfson, Kourtney details her terrifying experience with foetal surgery in the fight for her new baby boy’s safety.

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While Barker immediately rushed home to be with his wife, he was unable to meet her before she went into the operating theatre. Recounting the events, Kourtney shares, “By the time he got home, I had already had my surgery, they had to do it right away. So, my mum took me to the surgery, and then Travis, as soon as he landed, came straight to the hospital and then took over, and then slept at the hospital with me.”

Barker’s devotion is met with adoring coos from Kourtney’s girlfriends, who proclaim that he must ‘love her so much’. To this, the eldest Kardashian provides yet more heartwarming insight into their relationship: “I said to him after, I was like, you’re really my husband.”

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After the inevitable fallout of a failed marriage with Scott Disick, it’s certainly heartening to see that Kourtney now has the kind of love she wants. And, by all accounts, Barker, who later in the episode expressed that he wished he could “grow it (the baby) for you”, is a good egg indeed.

Kim lies to herself… like all of us

Despite promising herself that she would slow down and pace herself, Kim is unable to shake her ‘workaholic go-getter’ persona — perhaps even leaning into it for the benefit of all the working girls out there. In a confessional, Kim called herself out on her hectic schedule, endearing herself to those who make habits of lying to themselves. “Last year I made a commitment to myself that I was going to slow down, take some time off… I was f–cking lying to myself, ‘cause I’ve never been busier.”

Scott and Khloé flirt with one another

Once in-laws, Khloé and Kourtney’s ex-husband Scott Disick have always been close; however, The Kardashians has a tendency to play up the flirtatious undertones of their friendship, leaving audiences agape with one question in mind: Is this really okay? Is Kourtney okay with this? What do the children think? And, in spite of the ick, why is it actually kind of cute?

Neither Disick (aka discount Jake Gyllenhaal) nor Khloé seem to care what audiences think. The former, whose impressive weight loss is a notable change this season, throws grapes for Khloé to catch. In the playful exchange, Disick jokes that he’s “nervous throwing balls” in her face. In response, Khloé simply jabs back, “I’m used to someone with better aim.”

Driving Miss Jenner

In a hilarious exchange that makes light of American driving laws, Khloé tells Scott about a time when she was 15 and driving her mother around without a license. As the story goes, Kris, who had been inebriated at the time, had expelled the night’s excesses through the window; however, given the law of physics, the same excesses ended up on Khloé instead, ruining a beloved suede and shearling jacket and traumatising her for life. RIP, jacket and Khloé’s mental health.

The Kardashians take shots at Caitlyn Jenner

Still at Disick’s house, the trip discuss the once-patriarch of the KarJenner family, with Disick asking his ex-in-laws, “Have you seen that bullsh–t she’s doing right now?”

In a textbook example of first-person exposition, Khloé shares in a confessional that, “There is this new documentary about our family, and apparently whoever has been calling people that have either once been in our lives or are in our lives to do the documentary, and no one has agreed to do it… except for Caitlyn.” In the documentary, Jenner speaks up on Kris’ ambition, seemingly alluding to it with no small measure of scorn.

While the trio certainly deserve to be called out for deadnaming Jenner, who underwent gender transition in 2015, we can’t help but emphatise with Kris’ derision at the notion that wanting more than to be a housewife made her less of a woman. “Oh, shoot me,” She says, with an eye roll for the ages. “I wanted to be more than just a housewife. Okay, so? Kill me.”

Khloé is most certainly over Tristan

While she continues to do a commendable job of co-parenting her children, it is evident that Khloé’ is most certainly over her ex, Canadian-American basketball player Tristan Thompson. In a visit to Thompson’s house to discuss his imminent departure for Cleveland, where he is set to rejoin the Cleveland Caveliers, the third Kardashian sister made certain to maintain personal space.

And while Thompson is evidently keen on reconciliation, even going so far as to float the idea of cohabitation, Khloé’s withering “No” is sign enough that she is well and truly over it.

Baby Rocky’s rocky start

Kourtney’s dreams of having the perfect Disney baby shower come to a screeching halt in Season 5 of The Kardashians when she discovers, on the day of, that she and Travis have both contracted Covid. The realisation understandably sends Kris into a panicked tailspin; the Kardashian matriarch had pulled out all the stops, from decorations and Mickey-ear cheese pretzels to a real-life singing troupe.

Glossing over the sheer irresponsibility of it all, Kourtney and Travis come to the party. To their credit, they ask beforehand if they’re expected to exit their car; then, they spend much of their time in the open air, seated on a pair of armchairs far removed from the other guests who amble over from time to time to proffer well-wishes to the King and Queen of Covid.

And while Kris’ accidental reveal of Baby Barker’s name is certainly memorable, Khloé’s teasing jab at the couple steals the spotlight: “Can we have a sign at like, the zoo, when they tell you what kind of animal it is? Has Covid.”

Kim wants us to know she’s a workaholic… again

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En-route to Paris Fashion week to support Kendall, who is booked to walk for Victoria Beckham, L’Oréal, and Schiaparelli, Kim runs down her exhaustive travel itinerary with Kris and Corey, the matriarch’s boyfriend of nine years. The itinerary, which is set to bring Kim across cities and continents in her private jet, is certain to raise eyebrows, especially considering its carbon footprint implications.

Kendall has a Superman vs Clark Kent experience

the kardashians season 5 best moments
Kendall Jenner walks the runway during the Victoria Beckham Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024 show, wearing glasses and making her unrecognisable to her family in Season 5 of The Kardashians. (Image: Peter White/Getty Images)

Following a harrowing depiction of gridlock traffic on Parisian streets, Kris, Kim, and Corey arrive to watch Kendall walk for Victoria Beckham. However, in a hilarious turn of events that recalls Clark Kent’s iconic method of hiding his Superman persona, the trio do not recognise Kendall as she closes the show — massive glasses in tow.

Episode 1 of The Kardashians Season 5 is now airing on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What is Kim Kardashian’s famous quote?

As a public persona and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian has many notable quotes. However, one of her most famous quotes is, “I’m an entrepreneur. ‘Ambitious’ is my middle name.”

– Who is the most beautiful among the Kardashians and Jenners?

While Kendall has gained a reputation amongst viewers as the most boring KarJenner, she is also widely regarded as the most beautiful within the family.

– What day does the Kardashians come on?

The Kardashians Season 5 will premiere on Thursday, May 23 2024.