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Why were the Nuggets coach and best player ejected from last night’s game against the Pistons?




During the first period of the NBA League match between the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons, Michael Malone received two technical fouls and was escorted from the court. Later, Nikola Jokic was ejected from the game a minute and a half before the end of the first half. However, the Denver Nuggets still managed to win the game 107:103, even without their head coach and best player.

The former league MVP and last year’s Finals MVP, Serbian player Nikola Jokić, was given a technical foul in the first quarter due to an argument with the referees. Later, after a contact and a foul by a Detroit player, Jokić again engaged in a heated conversation with the referees, resulting in his exclusion from the game. Interestingly, before Jokić, the coach of the current champions, Mike Malone, was also ejected from the game.

Nikola had nine points, five rebounds, and five assists each in 15 minutes on the floor before being sent off. The question of the winner was decided at the very finish. With the score 103:103 and a minute and a half left, Gordon dunked on a pass from Jackson and got an extra throw for 106:103.

A scoreless period followed, and Jackson ended the Colorado team’s triumph with one shot. The mentioned Jackson was the most effective in the winning team with 21 points. Caldwell Pope counted up to 20, and Brown stopped at 15 points. Cunningham stood out for Detroit with 27 points and nine assists. Denver plays its next match in Orlando on the night between Wednesday and Thursday.

Denver Nuggets and (no)foul-problems

It was Malone’s first trip to Detroit since his father, a championship-winning assistant in the Motor City, passed away.

One of their issues on Sunday was getting a friendly whistle as Jokic got a technical and found himself in foul trouble the night before.

Denver entered Monday tied for the fewest free throw attempts per game in the NBA thus far, and given their star player is a post-playing big who always touches the paint, it seems improbable the Nuggets are getting a fair whistle.

The Pistons broadcasters themselves referred to the Game as being dominated by the referees, recalling the recent Giannis incident when he was ejected for taunting.