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Wait … Southern Hospitality’s Salley Carson Is a Bachelor Nation Alum?! Her Reality TV History




Salley Carson was introduced to Southern Hospitality fans during season 2 and is getting recognition for being in a situationship love triangle with fellow Bravo stars. However, this isn’t her first time making rounds on reality TV as she previously made a splash in Bachelor Nation with minimal camera time.

Who Is Southern Hospitality’s Salley Carson Dating?

The South Carolina native didn’t join the cast – which includes Leva Bonaparte, Maddi Reese, Joe Bradley, Grace Lilly, TJ Dinch, Mia Alario, Bradley Carter, Emmy Sharrett, Will Kulp, Lucía Peña and Oisin O’Neill – but she works alongside the rowdy bunch as a hostess at Republic Garden & Lounge.

Salley scored airtime as a new hire after Joe developed a major crush on her while working at the entry door of the establishment. The reality stars began to spend one-on-one time together outside of work and the VIP manager even invited her to his apartment during a January 2024 episode. After their at-home date, costar TJ called out Salley for making out with his roommate, Gaston Rojas, before hanging out with Joe.

Fans are still waiting to see TJ confront Salley and the love triangle play out on Southern Hospitality.

Gaston is now dating Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green.

When Was Salley Carson’s Reality TV Debut?

Salley was one of Clayton Echard’s contestants during season 26 of The Bachelor and made headlines without ever comPeting on the show. After the cast was revealed, there were rumblings that Salley was engaged. The speculation was in fact true, and she never made her grand limo entrance after deciding to rekindle her relationship with her then-fiancé.

Who Is Southern Hospitality’s Salley Carson? Bachelor Past
Bachelor Nation/ YouTube

What Happened to Salley Carson on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

After Salley became the show’s mystery girl, fans were looking forward to finally meeting her when she joined the season 8 cast of Bachelor in Paradise. However, her suitcase arrived on the beach days before she did.

When her belongings were dropped off during the October 3, 2022, episode, bartender Wells Adams claimed she changed her mind before boarding the plane with a BiP producer. Wells told the chaotic story to the contestants, claiming that she made the unidentified producer hide in the trunk of a car for four hours.

Salley and the producer allegedly made a pit stop at her ex-fiancé’s house before heading to Paradise and the ABC-turned-Bravo star allegedly told the producer, “If he sees you in the car, he’s gonna lose his mind. You need to get in the back.”

After an alleged four-hour conversation, her ex gave her his blessing to go on the show. However, she did not join the producer and her luggage on the flight to Paradise. That being said, she changed her mind and joined the cast later in the season.

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“I can’t believe I’m here! … Honestly, it feels good,” she told host Jesse Palmer before walking down the beach steps. “I had to take care of some things at work — [but] my bag made it the first day of Paradise. … I literally made the decision at the gate. I checked my bags, I got to the gate, and I was like, ‘You know what? I can’t do it.’”

Salley didn’t receive a warm welcome from the other singles because her past PDA moment at Stagecoach with costar Justin Glaze was the talk of the beach. After getting into a heated confrontation with Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney, Salley self-eliminated and headed back home.