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The Untamed and 13 Other Best Historical Chinese Romance Dramas




Amidst all the modern-day OTT content set in the concrete jungles, there are times when the allure of life in the past would make you want to reach out for some good historical dramas. And if you enjoy a good dose of romance, then these best Chinese historical romance dramas are sure to take you back in History.

Of late, Chinese dramas are creating quite a wave in the Asian Entertainment scene. With unique themes and layered characters, they know how to keep viewers glued to the screen. Swoon-worthy narratives infused with hints of mysticism and fantasy in dramas like Scarlet Heart (2011) and The Eternal Love (2017-) or lovebirds battling palace Politics in Song of Phoenix (2017), there are reasons enough why historical romantic Chinese dramas make a realm in itself.

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These Chinese dramas are also a window to the country’s age-old tradition. The ornate costumes, settings, brilliant cinematography, riveting plots and, of course, powerful performances by the cast not only bring the essence of the depicted time alive but also play with your heartstrings in a way that it is quite impossible to hit the pause button.

Additionally, each Chinese drama on the list has earned an IMDb rating of more than seven, implying they are loved by the audience.

If you fancy a trip to the ancient land of the Orient to soak in some period romance, look no further. This is your passport to a romantic getaway to a long-gone timeline.

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Here are some of the best Chinese historical dramas with gorgeous romances at their core