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Shakira is Unstoppable: She is Going Viral on TikTok Too




Shakira is going viral again. This time around it’s on TikTok.

This week, the Colombian-Lebanese singer uploaded a TikTok of herself dancing among some of her friends. And they all seemed to be having a blast. The dance routine was influenced by the first bilingual Latina group, Bella Dose.

The song they were dancing to is, of course, the one that recently broke the internet: BZRP Music Sessions #53. They carefully chose the part of the song where Shakira engages in wordplay with words that sound like “pique.” We think it’s safe to say that the ever-talented performer is taking her heartbreak well at this point.

Unsurprisingly, the dance routine she shared is now being considered a dance challenge on TikTok and many TikTokers are attempting to recreate it. Others are also using the song to create their own version of the dance. The song has already been reproduced over one million times on TikTok since the time this article was written.

The queen has influenced the entire internet at this point. We can bet that Piqué and Clara are over it though. However, la colombiana is teaching many women what to do when they are going through moments of adversity. She’s keeping her head up and thriving – and getting paid all at the same time.

Others join Shakira’s dance challenge
Shakira continues to win and we are here for it. Take a look at how others are reacting to her TikTok dance challenge below.

We are starting out with the original inspiration.

Actress Carmen Villalobos also joined in on the fun.

TikToker Sergio Poveda and his friends recreated the dance challenge, but by adding their own touch. It looks great too!

Giving it a different cultural perspective, TikToker Chadbi_, wore a traditional mariachi suit alongside his friends to participate in the dance challenge.

One of our favorite TikTok dancers, Lourdes Gutierrez, whose handle is @lacholitaluoficial, shared her own version of the dance.

And how can we forget the queen, herself? This is her giving us everything as she dances to her own song.