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I found my cat trapped in the wall after a botched repair — I had to create a new hole to rescue him




Curiosity trapped the cat.

TikTok user Mariah Vanessa, AKA @mv.esco, has shared the harrowing story of her wayward kitty who found itself trapped inside a wall after a repair patched up a hole in her bathroom.

In a 33-second-clip posted on May 16, the California resident squeals over her cat being stuck inside the wall behind her toilet.

“This is literally so f-king crazy, they f-king patched my cat in the wall,” Vanessa said in the clip with over 10,700 views.

She begins banging against the wall with a metal rod to create an opening for her kitty. After a few heavy hits, she pries the hole large enough for her cat to escape.

“I wish I was joking,” she captioned the video.

However, it takes some convincing for the black cat to come out of hiding. She baits the feline with cat nip near the hole opening.

“Brix, come here,” she called out to the cat. “Come here.”

As the video continues, a black cat slowly emerges from the darkness and strolls to the food.

“I am so sorry,” Vanessa sighs.

The cat’s mom wasn’t the only one feeling remorseful over the feline’s imprisonment. Nearly 70 concerned TikTokers commented underneath the video, astonished by the scenario.

“Omg! You’re the second person I saw this happen to. So sorry,” wrote a TikToker.

“Absolutely not, I’m causing a whole scene,” added another.

“It’s like the movie us…that ain’t Brix no more,” joked a watcher.

“Nah they did that on purpose. There’s no way,” a woman demanded.

But surprisingly, Brix isn’t the only cat who’s been trapped behind a wall.

Previously reported by The Post, a Pennsylvania woman says she was forced to rescue her Pet cat after maintenance workers allegedly sealed the poor kitty inside her wall during a repair job gone awry.

“I really can not believe the maintenance team patched my cat into the freaking wall!!” the TikToker wrote. “I feel sooo bad he was probably so scared.”

It seems to be a re-occuring trend for felines to get trapped behind drywall, another cat owner realized their cat was missing for three days in 2022 after being sealed in the wall.

“As I’m sitting here trying to figure out where my cat is, I can hear the cat crying from somewhere in here,” the cat mom said.

Either maintenance workers need to add more preventative steps before sealing walls or cats need to learn to away from big holes.