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How much money does the Dallas Cowboys mascot get paid per year? Rowdy’s annual salary




The Dallas Cowboys mascot is Rowdy - a smiling, wide-eyed cowboy who dons the Dallas Cowboys uniform paired with a massive cowboy hat, chaps, and cowboy boots. As the Cowboys’ mascot, Rowdy is responsible for keeping the energy up on Game days, driving his four-wheeler around the stadium, throwing t-shirts into the crowd, holding up signs, and taunting the opponents.

But Rowdy is more than just a mascot - he’s also an ambassador for the Dallas Cowboys. He appears at every home game and some away games, as well as various events throughout the year. He’s visited children’s hospitals, schools, and various charity events. During Cowboys training camp, Rowdy has his own zone to play with kids, called Rowdy’s Kids Zone, where he takes them through obstacle courses and chases them with water guns.

How much money does Cowboys’ mascot Rowdy make?

Much to-do was made of the fact that the Dallas Cowboys mascot earns more money than the Cowboys cheerleaders after Netflix’s docu-series “America’s Sweethearts” revealed how little the DCC members earn despite how much hard work they actually do. So how much does Rowdy earn?

Rowdy is actually the highest-paid mascot in the NFL, along with Pat from the New England Patriots. He earns $65,000 a year with an hourly rate of $50. For comparison, the average salary of an NFL mascot is $60,000. The lowest salary is $50,000.

Rowdy and Pat are mascots for two of the most popular teams in the NFL, so it makes sense that they would have a higher salary. The more popular a team, the more recognizable the mascot, and the more opportunities for appearances the mascot will have.