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Everything you Need to Know about Netflix’s new Reality Drama, Super Rich in Korea




In an era where public fascination with wealth and luxury seems to reach new heights every day, Netflix is set to captivate audiences with its latest series, Super Rich in Korea. This thrilling new show invites viewers into the ultra-opulent lives of the world’s wealthiest individuals, set against the multicultural backdrop of Korea. With a lineup that reads like the guest list of an Asian Met gala, featuring Singaporean millionaires, the Arab world’s Kardashians, Pakistani royalty, and Italian fashion icons, this series is bound to be a captivating exploration of extravagance.

At the heart of Super Rich in Korea is a diverse cast, each bringing their unique flavour of grandeur to the show. Leading the pack is Singaporean David Yong, whose business acumen and lavish lifestyle have earned him a spot among Asia’s elite. David’s story, particularly intriguing given his successful blend of traditional business strategies with modern entrepreneurial spirit, makes him a standout figure on the show.

He shares the spotlight with other luminous personalities like Hee-ra from Korea, who brings a touch of Paris Hilton’s flamboyance to the East. Pakistan’s Royal Anna, Italy’s fashion prodigy Teodoro, and Noor, the Arab world’s social media sensation with a staggering 50 million followers, also choose Korea as their playground for luxury. Each contestant’s story is a unique testament to the diverse ways wealth is amassed and enjoyed across the globe.

The show’s allure is magnified by its hosts – the fashion-savvy Cho Saeho, charismatic BamBam, and trendsetter Mimi from Oh My Girl. Their insights and interactions with the cast promise to add a layer of depth to the glittering displays of wealth. Directed by the acclaimed PD Yuh Woon-hyuk, Super Rich in Korea is not just a show; it’s an insightful journey into what defines the pinnacle of luxury and style in Korean culture.

The glittering cast of Super Rich in Korea

David Yong


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David Yong is a testament to where ambition meets achievement. At 37, he’s a key player in the K-pop industry, having invested a significant USD 10.2 million in Attrakt, the powerhouse behind the K-pop group Fifty Fifty. David’s foray into the music scene at 35, collaborating with notable groups like Mamamoo and 4MEN, underscores his keen sense of business and cultural trends. His Instagram, [@dynimm], with over 100k followers, offers a peek into his multifaceted life, balancing his passions and professions.

Educated with a law degree from the prestigious University of Bristol, Yong isn’t confined to entertainment. He oversees Evergreen Group Holdings, stretching his influence across Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan, and serves as a managing partner at YSL Legal LLP, specialising in civil and corporate law. This blend of legal acumen and business savvy, coupled with a strategic entrance into the K-pop domain, paints Yong as a versatile figure, seamlessly navigating between the boardroom and the recording studio.

Yoo Hee Ra


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At 25, Yoo Hee Ra (@arenyoo) embodies the glamour and influence that parallels the iconic Paris Hilton. With over 36k Instagram followers, she’s not just an influencer; she’s a cultural bridge, connecting her audience with glimpses into her high-flying lifestyle, rubbing shoulders with global celebrities like Bruno Mars and Fan Bing Bing. Hee Ra’s unique position as South Korea’s sole high-end client ambassador grants her access to the world’s most exclusive fashion events, where she represents the pinnacle of luxury and style.

Her contributions to ELLE Korea, where she shares her thoughts on “quiet luxury,” reflect a sophisticated understanding of luxury as not merely opulence but an extension of personal ethos and Lifestyle. Yoo Hee Ra, with her extensive network and iNFLuence, has been shaping the perceptions of luxury and elegance in modern Korea.

Anna Kim


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Anna Kim’s story ( is one of cultural confluence; she was born into Pakistani royalty and raised in South Korea, only to return to Pakistan after marrying. Her life is a rich tapestry of experiences spanning broadcasting, entrepreneurship, and activism. As CEO of a trading company and a familiar face on Korean talk shows, Anna bridges worlds, bringing together her royal heritage and her adopted Korean culture.

Her active participation in discussions about the Korean peninsula’s peaceful unification at the UN International Youth Day Peace Summit 2020 showcases her commitment to larger causes beyond the corporate and Entertainment realms. Her unique position as a cultural and Business envoy, coupled with her deep-rooted connections in both Pakistan and Korea, highlights a journey of identity, iNFLuence, and impact.

Teodoro Marani


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Teodoro Marani’s (@teo_lomino) Italian legacy is rooted in a family empire that spans the globe. As the founder of Loop Innovators, a luxury food and beverage trading company, Teodoro’s life is a canvas of experiences, from the serene villas of Maldives to the rustic charm of Tuscany. His Instagram is a window into a world where luxury is not just lived but also celebrated.

Teodoro’s appreciation for the simple beauty found in local marketplaces, especially the wet markets of Korea, adds layers to his persona, showing a man who seeks inspiration in the authenticity of everyday life. His prior appearances on Korean television, such as Welcome, First Time in Korea, illustrate his seamless integration into Korean culture, blending his Italian heritage with his love for the Southeast Asian nation.

Noor Naim


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With a following that transcends borders, Noor Naim (@noorstars) epitomises the power of digital influence. Her YouTube channel, boasting over 20.7 million subscribers, alongside her 14.6 million Instagram followers, marks her as a pioneering content creator. Her accolades, including Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and the Content Creator of the Year 2023 Award at the Arab Woman Awards 2023, underscore her impact in shaping digital content and culture.

Recently featuring in Loreal Paris’ Ramadan 2024 campaign, Noor’s influence extends beyond entertainment, entering realms of beauty and fashion, and setting trends across the Middle East and beyond. Her journey, marked by significant milestones and a vast digital footprint, illustrates the evolving landscape of fame and influence in the modern world.

What to expect from the show


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Viewers can expect an enthralling mix of luxury cars, haute couture, and exclusive parties that are the norm for Korea’s ultra-rich. Super Rich in Korea doesn’t just showcase wealth; it delves into how these elites blend their lavish lifestyles with a love for Korean culture and offers a unique perspective on everything being rich entails – including the good, the bad, and sometimes, even the ugly!

Set to air this April, Super Rich in Korea is your ticket to the hidden, glamorous lives of Korea’s ultra-wealthy. For those who’ve always been intrigued by the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Super Rich in Korea promises to be a visual and emotional feast, offering an exclusive glimpse into a world where luxury and culture intersect in the most fascinating of ways.

You can watch the show here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

– Who are the cast members of Super Rich in Korea?

Netflix’s new show Super Rich in Korea features cast members like Yoo Hee-Ra (South Korean personality), David Yong (Singaporean entrepreneur), Noor Naim (Arab social media celebrity), Teodoro Marani ( Italian entrepreneur), and Anna Kim ( Pakistani activist).