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Everyone's become far too career-oriented: Fazila Qazi




Fazila Qazi recently shared insights on the increasing trend of Celebrity couple breakups during a guest appearance on a Ramazan show. Shedding light on the underlying reasons behind these separations, Qazi attributed the phenomenon to the growing emphasis on career pursuits over marital commitments.

Speaking candidly on the show, Qazi expressed her observations on the evolving dynamics within modern relationships, highlighting the prevalent shift towards prioritising professional aspirations over personal relationships. According to the seasoned star, the relentless pursuit of career advancement has led to a decline in the significance placed on marital bonds, resulting in heightened conflicts and discord among couples.

"Everyone's become far too career-oriented," she shared. "I'll remove gender here. What this does is that the one who has to sacrifice says, 'Whys should I? You should sacrifice.'" Qazi thus emphasised that the pursuit of individual ambitions, irrespective of gender, has contributed to a reluctance among couples to make sacrifices for the sake of their relationships. 

"There's a lot more that I don't want to say," continued Qazi with hesitance. Giving her own example, she said, "In the peak years of my career, I left. I didn't work for eight to nine years. My kids were young." When asked if her husband stopped her from working, she highlighted the unique way in which he would emotionally bring up their children, thereby inadvertently having Qazi agree with the fact that she should look after their offspring. 

The veteran actor's remarks offer a poignant reflection on the challenges faced by Celebrity couples in navigating the delicate balance between personal fulfilment and professional success. As societal norms continue to evolve, Qazi's insights serve as a reminder of the importance of fostering mutual understanding and prioritizing emotional well-being within relationships.

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