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Brian Windhorst Reveals Why Kevin Durant Is Upset With Suns




Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns flamed out in the first round of the NBA playoffs this summer.

This marked the second straight year that Durant’s season ends in disappointing fashion as a member of the Suns. And while he gets to party it up with the ladies in the club now, the future Hall of Famer’s preference would obviously be to legitimately comPete for another championship.

During a recent conversation on ESPN, Brian Windhorst delved into why Durant is growing increasingly unhappy in Phoenix.

“I don’t hear great things about the Suns and Kevin Durant,” Michael Wilbon said. “But your ear is closer to the ground. What do you hear?”

Windhorst didn’t hesitate.

“So the Suns are in the middle of revamping their entire organization,” he said.

“Mike Budenholzer is obviously the new head coach. He’s revamping the entire coaching staff, they’re revamping the front office, they’re revamping the support staff. They’re trying to approach next season with a completely clean slate. They’re going to have to revamp quite a bit of the roster.”

Windhorst then zeroed in on Durant, specifically.

“I do understand why you’re asking me about Kevin Durant,” he continued.

“I do think that some of the league is at least keeping a side eye on what’s happening there because this season just didn’t go the way anybody thought. But I do believe, especially with what Durant said at the end of the season, that they want to give this at least another go. I would keep an eye on it, but I would say expect Kevin Durant to be a Sun at least till the start of next season.”

Next year will be interesting. If Durant and the Suns enjoy success, obviously this entire conversation and all the hoopla surrounding it will be moot.

But if Phoenix flops again, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Durant force his way off the Suns.

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