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BLACKPINK and SHAKIRA are the only female artists in history to have multiple non-English songs reach #1 on Global Spotify.




Kpop fans are overjoyed with BLACKPINK, as to this day there has been no other asian act that has been able to hit #1 on Spotify Global with multiple songs. The four superstars however, did with “PINK VENOM” and “SHUT DOWN”.

This is very important for South Korea since BLACKPINK achieved this great feat with two songs in Korean, raising the status of kpop. It was even featured in various major media last year, but now, one more legend has just achieved the same record.


In particular, we’re talking about Shakira, who just established multiple #1 hits on Spotify Global.

Both artists have achieved this historic record with multiple non-English songs and have made their respective fans proud.

Congratulations to BLACKPINK and SHAKIRA!