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Are rumors that Dak Prescott is injured true?




A rumor appeared basically out of thin air on Monday that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott may be dealing with a mystery injury that requires him to get an MRI. The rumor is baseless and we have no reason to believe that it is true. So where did it start?

Sports bettor claims Prescott is “not 100%”

This rumor began on Monday after Sports bettor Steve Fezzik made claims on the Ross Tucker podcast that Prescott may not be completely Healthy.

“News is, he’s not 100%, and they’ve been betting against the Cowboys the last three days,” said Fezzik. “There’s rumors that he had an MRI. That’s unconfirmed, but that’s the rumors that I’m hearing.”

Even Fezzik says that the information is not confirmed and that he has no idea where it came from. Since then, Cowboys beat writer Mike Fisher has reported that a source completely squashed the rumor, calling it a “non-story”.

Indeed, Prescott has been a full participant in minicamps during the offseason and was working out at Tight End University as recently as two weeks ago. If people are betting against the Cowboys suddenly, it’s very unlikely to have anything to do with a Dak Prescott injury.