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Why This HV Spot Is Almost More Fun For Parents Than Kids




Ah - summertime in the Hudson Valley. The blazing heat, kids asking for their first snack of the day (2nd breakfast anyone) by 8:30am, and the demand for fun, exciting and entertaining things to do 24/7 for 2 months straight...

I mean, yay! Time to have fun with our kids :)


With the sweet sound of 'no more teachers, no more books' ringing through our ears, it's time to share an insider secret about an awesome Hudson Valley kids hotspot, that might be just as cool for us adults, too.


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This Hudson Valley Adventure Park Has A Treat For Parents

By now you've perhaps visited, or at least talked with someone who has brought the kiddos to the new Fun Max Adventure Park in Wappingers. Complete with slides and trampolines, obstacles and arcade Games, it's got a little bit of everything to entertain everyone...even us parents.

Presenting, the Game changer...massage chairs for parents who need a little R and R while their kids run around burning off all that summertime energy!

M. Barbagiovanni
M. Barbagiovanni

In our little 'mom circle' - which is definitely not what we called it on the group text chat, whenever someone brings up taking the kids somewhere, lately the question that follows has been 'but do they have massage chairs?'

I'm not sure who is responsible for this genius idea, but whoever you are, we applaud you. The only thing that could possibly top this is pedicure chairs and/or wine delivery while we're relaxing...just saying.

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Fun Max Announces Summer Hours & Schedule

With the school year wrapping up for pretty much everyone this week, it's important to know that Fun Max is adjusting their hours a bit to accommodate for the kids being home. For those with little little ones, also note that they do not have Toddler Time during the summer.

Have you visited Fun Max yet, and if so, what's your record for time spent in the massage chair?

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