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What is the longest field goal in Super Bowl history?




Kicking has become such a dark art, ironically for a game known as “football”, that field goals stand out as unusual for being made.

Let’s face it, we all feel a knot in our stomach when the kicker comes onto the field.

And of course, the reverse is true when it is made. We go insane, knowing that the most difficult thing to do in a football game has just occurred before our eyes.

Regular season stats are one thing, but to perform in the Super Bowl, on the biggest stage of all, it is all a different kettle of fish.

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For three decades, the holder of the longest field goal in a Super Bowl was Buffalo Bills’ Steve Christie who hit a 54 yarder in Super Bowl XXVIII. But today, we saw history unfold before our eyes as rookie Jake Moody and the San Francisco 49ers hit a 55 yard try that split the uprights at the beginning of the second quarter in Super Bowl LVIII.

That was the longest field goal in Super Bowl History. Right up until Harrison Butker went two better just a couple of hours later and scored a crazy 57-yard kick to put the Chiefs one step closer to catching their opponents. It is a long way off the NFL regular season record of 63 yards, but considering the situation, the stage that they were on, and the fact that Moody is only a rookie, I think that we can all appreciate the achievement here by the pair in Las Vegas.