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We've tracked down a massive deal on one of the best fitness trackers in 2024




We've named the Samsung Galaxy 6 smartwatch one of the best fitness trackers for a reason. If you are looking for a beautifully designed smartwatch with a host of fitness and Health-tracking features, the Galaxy Watch 6 should be on your list — particularly if sleep tracking is high on your list of priorities.

The Samsung Galaxy watch 6 is now over $100 cheaper ahead of Amazon Prime Day (July 16/17) over at Amazon.

When we reviewed the Galaxy Watch 6 we noted it has some serious upgrades on version 5, notably in its increased processing power and RAM. That helps add smoothness and efficiency and a faster response time — and there's a lot to scroll through here. This is a watch that can track everything from your sleep to your water consumption as well as all your sporting activities. It's also got a high heart rate alert, and fall detection too.

When it comes to fitness, you get a body composition analysis (if that's your thing) plus ECG, heart rate monitoring and a new personalized heart rate zone feature for your workouts. Sleep tracking is comprehensive, with a Sleep Score Factor that takes into account sleep time, cycles, your awake time plus recovery metrics that help you really understand the quality of your sleep.

All of this comes in a nifty, sleek design that looks sporty without screaming "Sports watch" and which has a decent battery life too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: was $299.99, now $196.68 at Amazon

Save over $100 on what we've named one of the best fitness trackers for seniors to track your health and fitness goals throughout the summer, for less.

We put the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 through its paces earlier this year when we fully tested it and while we think it's one of the best fitness trackers around. We even highlighted that it's reasonably priced and with this deal, you can now save over $100 on the Galaxy Watch 6 to make it even cheaper. But it might not be the right smartwatch for everyone. 

If you're purchasing the Galaxy 6 smartwatch mainly for its sleep-tracking features then go in eyes open: When we got hands-on with this fitness tracker we couldn't use it for more than a day on a single charge, which was frustrating when it came to its continued use at night as it required recharging.

Key features:
Size: 40mm in gold. Weight 28.7g. Super AMOLED screen. Battery life of up to 40 hours (Always On Display off) or Up to 30 hours (Always On Display on). 16GB. Compatible with Android 10 or higher.