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Viral TikTok shows woman using cruise ship CCTV cameras to catch boyfriend cheating while on holiday




The wild moment a woman holidaying on a cruise ship appears to catch her cheating boyfriend in the act via the ship’s livestream CCTV has gone viral on social media.

Kayla Gardner posted the now-viral moment on TikTok, with the onscreen caption: “My friend caught him cheating in real-time thanks to the ship’s live cameras”.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Moment woman finds out boyfriend is cheating on cruise ship CCTV.

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In the video, two girls can be seen in a room on the cruise ship, with a television in the room displaying what appears to be a live feed of a pool deck area on the cruise ship.

Gardner’s friend is filming while she watches the screen intently. The then pair begin debating whether or not they have spotted Gardner’s boyfriend with another woman.

“That can’t be him,” Gardener says.

“No, it looks just like him,” the friend replies.

“I’m stressed, why do they even have cameras on our ship?,” Gardener can be heard saying.

The ship’s CCTV cameras capture the moment Kayla Gardner’s boyfriend appears to put his arm around another woman. Credit: TikTok

In the CCTV footage, the woman and what appears to be the TikToker’s boyfriend can be seen heading up to a balcony. The man proceeds to put his arm around the woman, sending the two friends into a frenzy.

“Oh my God, oh my God ....(she) just put her hand on his arm,” Gardener says.

Gardener continues to document the incident in a series of videos on her TikTok.

She is seen running out of the room to confront her boyfriend, while her friend points out the pair have just exchanged phone numbers.

“He’s literally getting her phone number right now,” the friend says.

In a following video, Gardener responds to a comment which reads: “I hope you threw him off board”.

She then replies: “you saying like it’s a joke ... use your powers of deductive reasoning to piece together what happened”, alongside a video of a City of Miami rescue boat heading towards the cruise ship.

Gardener did not elaborate on what exactly happened to her boyfriend, but responded to comments from users saying he had done nothing wrong.

“To me, lying about where you’re going, putting your arm around another woman, talking to her alone, flirting with her, is considered cheating,” she said.

“I don’t need to see them do the hanky-panky to know that some foul play is afoot.

“Is being alone with another woman and getting her number considered cheating? Or is it only when they’ve slept together.”

Gardener appears to have called a fire rescue ship following the cheating discovery (left) and threw all of her boyfriends clothes out of a window (right). Credit: TikTok

In the final instalment of Gardener’s story, she shares a video of herself throwing her boyfriend’s clothes out of a window.

“When you come home after watching him cheat on you during a cruise,” the onscreen caption reads.

The series of videos Gardener posted on her TikTok detailing the cheating ordeal have amassed over 22 million views in total.

Many users were shocked at the fact Gardener was able to watch the whole thing unfold via a livestream provided by the cruise ship.

“The fact that you can watch what’s going on, on the decks is crazy,” one person commented.

“Who needs The Bachelor when you can just watch the ship’s live cam,” another said.

“This feels like I’m watching Big Brother,” a third wrote.