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Man kicks woman’s dog at Waterloo dog park, sparking debate




A woman has expressed her outrage after her dog was kicked by a man at a popular off-leash dog park in Sydney’s inner south.

Aimee Pitman, 32, described the moment her two-and-a-half-year-old French bulldog, Prince, approached an elderly man who was eating on a bench at the dog park where her pooch was playing off-leash late last month.

She said Prince was just looking for a pat when he approached the man at Crown Park in Waterloo, and put his two front paws on the bench the man was sitting on.

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“I turned and called him, to see an old man hit him in the face and kick him, and boy did I have to control myself,” Pitman wrote on social media.

“He is OK, just got a big shock and yelped when it happened. I know people pat him all the time, so he assumes everyone will be the same.

“If you are at a dog park, I think you should be aware that if you are eating food, that this may happen.

“There are plenty of other places to go and eat where no dogs bother you, but by no means does it give you the right to physically abuse an animal.”