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Slow PC? Experts warn a sinister new malware could be behind it




Australians are being warned about a new type of malware allowing criminals to highjack victims’ devices and fraudulently earn easy cash.

Cybersecurity experts say they are seeing a new type of malware known as crypto malware “spreading” around the country.

A common indicator that a computer might be infected by this malware is if it begins running very slow, experts say.

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“The biggest problem is that it is difficult to detect for an average computer user because no data is lost,” NordVPN cybersecurity adviser Adrianus Warmenhoven said.

“You may think you don’t need to worry because you don’t own or have never used cryptocurrency.

“But crypto mining malware doesn’t typically include hackers stealing funds from the victim’s Cryptocurrency wallet, just using their device to mine. And as a result — making the victim’s device very slow.”

Mining Cryptocurrency requires a lot of computer power to solve complex mathematical puzzles, adding new blocks of transactions to the blockchain, and once all the problems in a block are solved, the miners get their rewards in Cryptocurrency.

This process is very slow and requires an incredible amount of processing power, so much so that the electricity the computer generates often costs more than the Cryptocurrency could make.