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The juvenile turtle kept its front limbs while walking on its own using a special set of wheels.




Like Pedro, a disabled turtle who was missing his back legs, fortunately managed to regain mobility thanks to being provided with two wheels made from Lego pieces.

Pedro was able to return thanks to the students’ great idea.

Desperate and distraught, his owner, Sandra Taylor, took him to the Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where they finally found a solution to his problem

Ace? In this case, it was not the professionals who found a way out for Pedro, but two veterinary students, named Rockwell and Sarah Mercer, who had the original idea of ​​helping Pedro apply. two wheels of a Leg® car kit to where his legs would go.

Pedro was in good hands and had support the entire time.

The team of veterinarians led by Dr. Mark Mitchell treated Pedro with remarkable commitment and professionalism. For this reason, they developed a plan to develop a prosthesis that would fit. his body and the best option they found was to make a wheelchair with Lego pieces. Thanks to this intervention, Pedro the turtle was saved

«We have the entire medical service of the hospital and all the students helping. We had to make the shafts long enough to fit his body. We also did it so they could go out and clean Pedro. We had to try a couple of things to get him to fit,” said Rоckwell, the etherinary in charge of the situation.
To glue the Leg® wheels to Pedro’s body, the professionals used the same glue that is used to attach horseshoes to horses, called epoxy. They also used the needles of a syringe to hold the shafts together and then cut some pieces to make them fit. A delicate and almost artisanal work, which can only be achieved with love, knowledge and dedication.