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The Best Ryan Gosling Movies You Need to Watch




If you feel the need to watch his filmography after seeing his iconic Oscar performance, we’ve got you. Here are the best Ryan Gosling movies you need to watch if you haven’t already.

If one watches Ryan Gosling’s movies in the order of their release, one can notice a pattern — the actor is increasingly delivering some of the best movies made in recent years.

This is why almost all of his movies to date are critically well-received, even though not all may have achieved commercial success as Barbie (2023). However, a look at the IMDb ratings of movies starring Ryan Gosling reveals that Barbie was not received as well by fans as his other films.

Nevertheless, Gosling’s career has been marked by a captivating and nuanced acting style. Often described as “subtle” or even “stoic,” his strength lies in his ability to convey complex emotions through minimal expressions and gestures.

Directors have praised Gosling’s ability to tell a story solely through facial expressions. Damien Chazelle, who directed him in La La Land, compared him to silent film legend Charlie Chaplin, highlighting how a slight shift in an eyebrow or a flicker of the eyes can speak volumes. This focus on subtlety makes Gosling particularly adept at portraying characters with hidden depths or inner turmoil.

In an interview with The Independent in May 2023, Gosling himself described his approach as “escape-room style,” meaning he treats each role like a puzzle to be solved. This translates to a deep understanding of his character’s motivations and a reactionary way of playing the scene, allowing him to adapt to unexpected situations on set.

However, to say Gosling is all stoicism would be a disservice. Films like Lars and the Real Girl showcase his ability to portray vulnerability and emotional complexity. He can be equally charming and charismatic, as seen in Crazy, Stupid, Love, proving his range extends far beyond the quiet intensity he’s known for.

The best Ryan Gosling movies have earned the actor three Oscar nominations, including one for playing Ken in Barbie, two BAFTA nominations and five Golden Globe nods besides a win for La La Land.

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