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Super Bowl LVIII: 49ers - Chiefs Tight End matchup | George Kittle and Travis Kelce




In the days leading up to Super Bowl LVIII, Kelce and Kittle have thrown plenty of praise back-and-forth at each other. While the 49ers tight end admitted to being a great admirer of his opponent, Kelce has recognised Kittle as the best of the season at the position they both share.

Undoubtedly, the tight ends’ battle is going to be one of the more interesting aspects of a Super Bowl that promises to be an incredibly tight affair. While Kelce has been Mahomes’ top teammate when it comes to getting the ball to the end zone, Kittle is a real worker in the transition zones, averaging a total of 15.2 yards in this postseason.

Who has the better All-Pro record, Kelce or Kittle?

Another of the great narrative lines ahead of kick-off is simply different the careers of the two aforementioned tight ends are. Tonight will see either Kelce add his third Super Bowl, or Kittle win his first ring with the 49ers after 7 years as a pro.

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Kelce is surely the number one star in the division at this point in the season (and has a star contract to prove it). The man from Ohio is charismatic and stands out hugely on the pitch, qualities that have seen him included 8-times as a Pro Bowl player, as well as a 4-time All-Pro team member and a 3-time All-Pro Second team member.

Kittle, for his part, has played at Pro Bowl 5 times, twice in the All Pro team and twice in the Second All-Pro side. He is four years younger than Kelce and has a similar progression in terms to his opponent in terms of individual awards: this Sunday is a great chance for one of them to get ahead.