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Here’s Every Outfit Taylor Swift Has Worn During Her Eras Tour




Sitting in the audience for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour seems like one of the closest things we have to time Travel. The set includes more than 40 songs spanning the first 17 years of her career, and each era also gets at least one wardrobe change. Watching Taylor belt out “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me” while wearing a gold fringe minidress is about as “OMG, am I actually back in 2009 right now?” as it gets.

Taylor’s set list is broken down by era but not chronologically. In the show, she runs through her eras in the following order: Lover, Fearless, Evermore, Reputation, Speak Now, Red, Folklore, 1989, debut, and then, finally, Midnights.

And here’s a handy guide to exactly how Taylor has been honoring her own fashion History during the Eras Tour.

Taylor opens her Eras Tour set with songs from Lover, wearing a sparkly bodysuit (the one she wore during the tour’s opening night was reportedly custom Versace) and equally sparkly knee-high boots (the pair from night one was Louboutin).

By the third song of the Lover portion of the set list, “The Man,” Taylor changes into a glittery blazer look:

On the second night of the tour, Taylor changed up her Lover looks:

The OG Fearless era was defined by lots of gold and lots of flapper-inspired fringe dresses, so that’s exactly what Taylor is giving fans in this portion of her 52-date musical runway show. Her night 1 Fearless look was this gold mini by Roberto Cavalli:

Night 2 came with a different gold fringe look during the Fearless set:

For the Evermore portion of the evening, a long marigold/mustard yellow dress:

Taylor’s Reputation era was epitomized by dark energy and dark fashion, and she delivers on that vibe perfectly on the Eras Tour in this custom asymmetrical masterpiece by Roberto Cavalli: