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Shakira is one of the world’s most iconic artists. Not only is she one of the most important Latino icons ever, but she’s also known in places all over the world. Before her big break though, Shakira had tried to sign with various agents, including one from Barcelona that ended up turning her away.

In conversation with the Spanish newspaper EFE, Jaume Estruch shared that he was approached by Shakira’s uncle and manager at the time, who handed her a cᴀssette with eight songs. Shakira’s uncle lived in the same building as Estruch, and handed him the cᴀssette even after Estruch said he wasn’t interested.

Per Estruch, the cᴀssette showed a pH๏τo of Shakira leaning against a tree and featured eight songs that were included in her first record, “Magia.” Over the years, Estruch has kept the cᴀssette tape and recently decided to put it on sale. “I like Shakira, but I’m not her fan and I’m sure someone else is likely interested in owning this,” he said in Spanish. The tape is currently priced at 1,200 Euros.

Despite missing out on discovering Shakira, Estruch says that the anecdote makes for “a good story.”

Shakira is currently embarking on a new stage in her life, having completed a transatlantic move with her parents and her children, Sasha and Milan. As her kids gear up for school and for a fresh start in Miami, Shakira has shared a message with the media, asking for respect and for privacy.

“I trust that journalists and pH๏τographers are sensitive to the situation facing Milan and Sasha and can behave in the most humane way possible given that this is the Health and physical and emotional integrity of two children aged 8 and 10, who just wish they could go out on the street, and attend school feeling safe,” reads her post.