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Security footage clearly shows faces of men who robbed Bruna Biancardi




Bruna Biancardi, the girlfriend of Real Madrid forward Neymar, had her home in Cotia, São Paulo robbed while she and their young daughter were away early on Tuesday morning. However, Biancardi’s parents were both in the house when the armed robbers - three young men - came in. There had been a power outage and at around 3 a.m., they broke into the home, captured Biancardi’s parents, tied them up, and gagged them. In the nearly half-hour they were in the home, the criminals stole watches, jewelrey, and other items from the home, and then fled by car.

Fortunately, one of the three thieves has already been arrested. His name is Eduardo Vasconcelos, a 20-year-old man who lived just 300 meters from Biancardi. According to the police, Vasconcelos had only lived there for a week and had been planning the robbery for a while. Security foorage from the entrance of the neighborhood recorded the faces of he and the front-seat passenger who was in the car with him when the crime was committed. Biancardi’s parents told the condo security what happened and they were able to see the license plate on the footage and identify the vehicle. Vasconcelos admitted to the crime and the other two are still wanted by the police.

Biancardi took to social media to reassure that everyone was okay: “Material things we can get back. The important thing is that everyone is safe and that those involved are being found.”